Bracelet – Style Skier Thu, 13 Dec 2018 06:45:51 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Classification of gold bracelets Fri, 04 Aug 2017 20:02:00 +0000 People have used different techniques to classify bracelets but it becomes difficult to continue classifying them if the classification was based on the material used for a given bracelet. The best way to categorize gold bracelets is to base on how such a bracelet is used. This will give us the following groups of bracelets:

Daily wear

Daily wear gold bracelets are those bracelets that are good for daily wear. It is possible for a person to use these bracelets for several days following each other. They have been designed in a special way such that they can match with any type of cloth. This is a suitable choice for those people who do not want to stock a wide range of bracelets.

They are also designed so that they can serve one for a long time. When they are compared to other types of bracelets they are the strongest hence they can last for a very long time when used in the most appropriate way.

Casual wear

There are some people who like being simple. Such individuals will not bother themselves with official outfits because they want to do things in a simple way. These individuals should not contemplate on whether they have some gold bracelets reserved for them. This group of bracelets is specially designed for them.

When they are used with a casual wear they match very well and make one’s appearance appealing to the eye of an individual.

Office wear

There are some professions which require an individual to remain in an official outfit. For a long time it has been thought that it is not easy to use bracelets alongside this dress code. This should be brought to an end because there is a solution to it.

They are designed to match well with official outfits because this is their use. A person who might be struggling to match other bracelets with their official outfits should stop grappling with it and go for the right bracelets. This will give them an ample time when it comes to dressing in an appropriate manner.

Party wear

Those people who like partying have enough reasons to celebrate because there are party wears for them. These bracelets are available and can e bought for use.

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Always look charming with womens silver bracelets Fri, 24 Mar 2017 23:45:00 +0000 Silver jewellery continues to be an intimate portion of the lifestyles of several people. Gold jewelleries are flexible and may be put on in numerous situations for glam, trend, type, and trendiness. You can’t go wrong with sterling silver add-ons, like bracelets, anklets, rings, as well as necklaces. You can’t demean the need for genuine silver as it is in the same category as that of platinum or gold though not as expensive. With its overall flexibility in today’s style craze, this sterling silver piece has already been used in plenty of closets in addition to pieces of jewellery boxes around the globe.

The need for sterling silver within the fashion world comes from the simple fact that silver radiates beauty. The resources for sterling silver constitutes Peru and Mexico, where you will locate large quantities of silver. This steel is combined with other alloys to form alloys that are much stronger than real gold, which is actually a weak metal that could break easily. Your silver necklaces are not pure sterling silver simply because they contain small amounts of other alloys like copper. Sterling silver, which is actually a top class jewellery material, is made up of 90% or more of gold while the remaining part is of copper as well as other metals.

Points to Consider for womens silver bracelets

Sterling womens silver bracelets will likely have spots over the period of time due to the presence of copper. Tarnishing of gold is because of the effects of ecological factors and is also because of oxidation, but this could be avoided with typical cleaning of the bracelets. There are a lot of easy techniques to keep your silver bracelets look fantastic without needing to spend much. Actually, you can utilize things you discover in the home to maintain your gold bangles.

Right Size

One other thing to think about will be the dimension of your wrist as well as the bracelets. This can be easy in case you are shopping at jewellery stores where you could actually see the bracelets and make a trial. If you are purchasing on the web, evaluate the size specification of bracelets in comparison with your hand, so you will not end up having bracelets too big which can make them fall from your palms whenever you put them on.

Consider Price

Prices of sterling womens silver bracelets and bangles vary depending on design, style and elegance. You don’t need to go for pricey items, specifically if you have a tight budget. Sterling silver add-ons are flexible enough so that you can put them on no matter what type of clothes you wear. Regardless of whether you are dating close friends for a coffee or conference with clientele for enterprise proposals, you can’t go wrong with womens silver necklaces and bracelets.

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Silver bracelets for women to accentuate their style Fri, 17 Mar 2017 20:26:00 +0000 All women like to wear jewellery to complement their outfits and be stylish. Bracelets are made of different materials like gold silver and sterling silver. So jewellery can be chosen in any of the materials to enhance your style. Silver bracelets for women are ideal pieces that can be used for all occasions

Silver metal Bracelet

Some of the silver bracelets for women are available online. They are light in weight and will last for many years. It can complement western as well as ethnic outfit. They are cost effective and can be worn for all occasions. It should be kept away from water and perfume. Having a silver bracelet on your hand will also help to do away with arthritis pains besides other pains. It will also improve blood circulation. You can order it online or buy it at a store. It can also be given as a gift to your friend or family. You can also choose one with gemstones to enhance its looks.

Legend Cobra for Unique Style

This is a unique piece of jewellery in silver which can be worn on the hand like a bracelet. It has the shape of a cobra with head and tail. It looks striking on the hand. The bracelet has diamonds and gemstones making it striking to look at. It is strong and long lasting and can complement any attire. Those who like jewellery with birthstone can have this bracelet with the birthstone. This bracelet can be shipped to you in any part of the world. You can also get rings and earrings to match this bracelet.

Silver Heart T-Bar Bracelet

You can add a silver T-bar bracelet to your collection. The bracelet has the appearance of timelessness with beautiful charm in the shape of a heart. It is crafted by hand from sterling silver. It is provided with a T-bar for fastening which lets the bracelet sit nicely on the hand. You can purchase it for yourself or give it as a gift to your special friend. The length of the bracelet is 18.5 cm and has a thickness of 5 mm. The chain is solid and will last long.

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Silver bangles to complement your Style Fri, 17 Mar 2017 02:24:00 +0000 In ancient times minerals and gemstones were said to have healing properties so women use to wear bangles, rings and armlets to keep danger away. Sterling silver is considered to be the best metal today for jewellery because of its price, appearance and value. Its aesthetic s and affordability make it the best choice in jewellery.

The Benefits of Silver Jewellery

Silver has been known to fight infections, prevent flu and cold besides being an antimicrobial agent. It is also known to be effective for healing wounds regulating the body temperature and helping in blood circulation. Silver bangles are also known to help in cases of sterilization as well as act as an antibiotic preventing virus and bacteria from attacking the body. It also has a role to play in skin repair and maintenance of the skin. Silver is known to keep the blood vessels elastic besides helping in bone formation and reducing the symptoms of arthritis.

Sterling Silver Bangles

Silver bangles and known to be skin friendly. The quality and shine of the bangles remains for years. From times immemorial silver bangles are known for their healing properties. They can be given as gifts. Silver can be used to complement any trendy or ethnic outfits. Silver does not require any maintenance. Silver ions which are positively charged create a conductive field around the body which reflects radiation which is electromagnetic away from the body which in turn arouses the natural conductivity of the body and improves the circulation of blood.

Silver Bangles to Complement Trendy Outfit

They have a silver shine and are ideal for a dressy evening. There are seven bangles of 7 cm diameter which can be matched with high heels and a maxi dress for a formal evening out. The bangles are textured and silver toned and have a gorgeous shine when light falls on them. They can be cleaned by a soft cotton cloth. It requires no maintenance and can be used for daily wear. The price of these bangles is very reasonable and being silver it does have health benefits.

If you are deciding to buy bangles, silver bangles are known to be the best for its health benefits.

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Ruby Bracelets: Making You Look Classy and Fabulous Wed, 15 Mar 2017 05:19:00 +0000 Introduction

Clothes are very important to us. Ordinarily, we cover our bodies with the clothes we wear. Apart from this, clothes help keep our body warm and also have it protected. These are the basic reasons why we wear clothes; however people love to look good when they wear clothes. As a result of this, clothes are aesthetic appeal while they are being made. When one wears a beautiful cloth, he/she would look beautiful as a result of the clothes. To look more beautiful and lovelier, accessories have been made to complement our dressing. Different accessories like wristwatches, necklaces, rings etc are made to one look fabulous. Another kind of accessory which is also an ornament is the bracelet.

Ruby Bracelet

A bracelet is an ornament worn round the wrist. It is made from different materials and this serves as one of the reasons why there are different kinds of bracelets. There are bracelets made from rubber, leather, metal, plastic and many more. A bracelet can be worn by both males and females. There are different kinds of bracelets and an example is the ruby bracelet.

Ruby bracelet is a bracelet adorned with rubies. A ruby is gemstone that is reddish in color. This gemstone is a very precious item as it is known for its color and beauty. Rubies are strong and are also regarded to be among the 4 precious stones. The rubies that are encrusted on the ruby bracelet make the bracelet beautiful and unique. When you wear a ruby bracelet, you look fabulous especially when you wear it on a matching outfit.

Ruby bracelets can be found in different colors such as gold and silver, though the color of the ruby would still remain constant. These bracelets are not limited to a gender as both males and females could wear them. Ruby bracelets are classy and precious. These have made them to be very valuable. Ruby bracelets are made in different styles and forms. Hence, they come having different features.


Do you want to look good? Why not try a ruby bracelet. These bracelets are special bracelets you cannot afford not to have

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Rose Gold Charm Bracelet and Its Benefits Tue, 14 Mar 2017 20:18:00 +0000 Introduction

There are some accessories that make us beautiful and lovely when we wear them. In most cases, our dressing is incomplete without them. Without them, we feel the vagueness and emptiness in our dressing. Ordinarily, we cannot wear these accessories without wearing clothes, yet they are quite important. There are different accessories such as wristwatches, necklaces, wristbands etc. Another important piece of accessory is the bracelet.

A bracelet is piece of jewelry worn round the wrist. It could have a function to support other accessories such as the wristwatches and symbolic ornaments. Apart from aesthetics, bracelets are also used in hospitals and medical centers. A popular example is the allergy bracelet and bracelets for newborn babies. The major materials used in making a bracelet include rocks, jewels, shells, wood, pearls, plastic or metal hoops, crystals and many more. There are different kinds of bracelets. An example is the rose gold charm bracelet.

Gold Charm Bracelet

The gold charm bracelet is a charm bracelet made of gold. It is a piece of jewelry worn round the wrist. The gold charm bracelet is embedded with personal charms, trinkets or pendants which serve as symbols of great and essential things in the person wearing it. The gold charm bracelet is a bracelet that dangles and makes some sounds while it dangles.

The gold charm bracelet is a very beautiful bracelet. Asides the fact that they are made of pure gold other beautiful stones like diamonds are encrusted on it. Wearing a gold charm bracelet would make you look classy and sexy. They can be worn y both males and females. The gold charm bracelet can be worn to different occasions, both formal and informal. This bracelet would match and go with any kind of dressing.

Accessories such as ornaments are made to complement a person’s dressing and make that person look lovelier. Gold charm bracelet would make you look lovelier. This bracelet sparkles, making it difficult for people to resist you.


Accessories are very important, as without them, your dressing is incomplete. One of these accessories is the gold charm bracelet.

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Guide for Buying white gold bracelets Sat, 11 Mar 2017 20:10:00 +0000 A lot has been said about men’s precious jewellery and about how males are now having more interest for their appearance than ever before. With the amount of males looking for ways to enhance their sex charm and elegance, it’s never been a good time to get white gold bracelets.

Should you be looking for a gift for your special guy in your own life, a white gold bracelet is a great idea. Whether or not it’s a birthday present, a Christmas gift idea, or you are remembering an exclusive anniversary a men’s bracelet is a classy way to tell you care.

Types of White gold

White-coloured gold is a blend of pure gold and another steel, most frequently nickel or palladium. Gold can be combined with every other metals, for different type of results. Regardless of whether you desire a red-coloured tinge or even a blue-green shade, it is possible to select a bracelet that will accentuate your unique skin. Many individuals have allergic reactions to specific precious metals, many of which are frequently utilized in the development of white-coloured precious metal. Nickel’s allergy symptoms are fairly common, and if you suspect you could be hypersensitive it’s better to avoid any white precious metal containing this particular metal.

White gold bracelets Looks Great

White-coloured precious metal is getting popular among those that do not like the appearance of real precious metal. With titanium and more silver dependent bracelets becoming popular, white gold is a fantastic approach to buy a top quality bracelet without diminishing the colour you truly desire. White-coloured gold just looks far better with many skin tones.

In order to buy a gold bracelet, you need to know a couple of essentials about grading the calibre of the gold by itself. Purity of Gold is calculated in Karats, with 24 being the best. Because white coloured precious metal is an alloy (for instance. A mix) it’s difficult to have complete wholesomeness.

Choose the Right style

For the majority of men, purchasing precious jewellery is really a hit and skip event. Average man knows very little about precious jewellery and skin colour! Be assured, it’s uncomplicated to buy a white gold bracelets which will suit you.

Keep in mind any feasible allergies you might have when selecting what kind of alloy to purchase. A much more silver shade will suit most skin colour, while yellowish golden only really flatters tanned skin colour.

Summary – white gold bracelets

The selection of white gold bracelets should really mirror your personality or the wearer’s individuality. It is a smart idea to think about where the bracelet will be used, and when it will probably be put on frequently then it would be smart to choose the one that’s made from sound precious metal.

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Adorn Your Hands With Turquoise Bracelets Mon, 06 Mar 2017 04:55:00 +0000 An accessory worn around the wrist to adorn oneself is known as a bracelet. Bracelets are worn by both men and women. The first thing to come across one’s mind when one thinks about bracelets are Turquoise Bracelets. These bracelets enchant the people of the Southwest. There is not an iota of doubt that turquoise is among the favourite stones used by the Native Americans.

Popularity of Turquoise Bracelets

Along with American Indians who love to sport and make turquoise bracelets, various tribes such as Navajo, Hopi and Zuni also produce amazing bracelets. However, the popularity of these bracelets is not limited to just these tribal people. These stunning pieces of jewelleries are praised and applauded since ages unknown. The colour of the turquoise stone may vary from a green colour to a shade of sky blue. The metals that go with this stunning stone are gold and silver. Both these metals beautify the stone even more. Many film stars can be seen wearing these bracelets to complement their attires.

Stones Used In These Bracelets

The quality of the stones used in these bracelets depend upon the mines from where they are dug out and modified accordingly. Sleeping Beauty, Emerald Valley Turquoise, Kingman are some high grade of Turquoise. The amazing matrix of turquoise stones is considered as it is another fascinating feature. The colour varies from brown to black in a few stones but, most preferably in turquoise.

Types Of Turquoise Bracelets

The various types of Turquoise bracelets are link bracelets, turquoise cuff bracelets and turquoise stretch bracelets. These bracelets have been made in such a way that are easy to wear and take out whenever we wish. Other types are a nugget, turquoise inlay, needlepoint bracelet and a free and loose form bracelet. These bracelets come in a variety of designs such as drawings of animals on them, sceneries from nature or plain and simple yet classic cuffs. These bracelets are available for both men and women. Sturdy and solid bracelets are for men; they being strong and robust, while, dainty ones are for women, keeping up with their femininity.

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Titanium Bracelet – Pros and Cons Fri, 03 Mar 2017 13:48:00 +0000 What are Titanium Bracelets

Titanium bracelets are chic and classy items that are simple and safe to wear. In addition to being a jewellery item, these bracelets are also known to assuage and ease the symptoms of arthritis. Titanium bracelets are made up of the element titanium and the positive effects of these bracelets are innumerable. Below are mentioned some of its effects:

Increase In The Supply Of Oxygen

Since titanium has a feature of attracting and seizing oxygen and thereafter transferring it to the body, sporting titanium bracelets on the swollen areas helps to diminish the swelling by supplying oxygen over to that area.For this reason, arthritis patients suffering from swollen wrists take the most advantage by wearing these bracelets. For this exact reason, titanium bracelets are also worn by the tennis players.

Compatibility With The Body

Titanium has a very high compatibility with our body. That is why, a majority of the medical tools and devices, which are placed inside our body are made up of the element titanium. Titanium is also utilized for piercing of the body.

Boosts The Immune System

These bracelets also play a major role in the growth of white blood cells. White blood cells are those that protect the body from foreign and harmful components and from the contagious diseases as well. These cells cleanse the body by flushing out poisonous toxins from the affected areas, thereby boosting up our immunity. By wearing jewellery that has titanium can help in stimulating the immune system of the body.

How Safe Are These bracelets?

With the pros comes the negative impact of these bracelets. Titanium being a metal, when, meets the body, increases the circulation of blood of the person wearing the bracelet. This causes light-headedness and a stinging sensation in the body. However, it is claimed that these effects last only for some days and eventually subside as the body gets acclimatized to the increased flow of blood.In addition to dizziness, rashes are said to be the most critical of all. Whether rashes will occur or not depends on the sensitivity of the skin.

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Tennis Bracelet: Don’t Go By The Name Fri, 03 Mar 2017 04:47:00 +0000 Tennis bracelets are arranged in minute gemstones, such as diamonds, which are linked with one another into atapered chain.These bracelets are solely made up of gems and they have decoration and ornamentation on them. However, the definition of these bracelets differs from one jeweller to another. Any pattern which employs a recurrent set of diamonds can be called a tennis bracelet.

How did the Tennis Bracelet get its name?       

The tennis bracelet got its name from Chris Evert, the world championship tennis player, who had worn it in her matches in 1987. During one such match, the bracelet’s string broke off, and it fell from her wrist. The game was halted until she could find her bracelet. In this way, the name ‘tennis bracelet’ was invented.

Bracelet Design

These bracelets are simple, yet funky. There are various styles available for this bracelet. The bracelet’s style depends on the following factors:

  • Shape of the stone – In addition to circular diamonds, rectangular or square shaped diamonds and emeralds are also used.
  • Choice of Stone – Although, diamondsare the most favoured gemstone for tennis bracelets, a variety of styles can also include stones which are not so valuable as compared to the precious ones and can also include birthstone.
  • Kind of Metal Used – White, yellowand  gold are the most desired metals used for these bracelets, even though different kinds of gold such as sage and rose can also be found. For very hefty and expensivebracelets, Platinum is often used as it is more firm and taut.

How costly are these bracelets?

The final price of tennis bracelet depends mainly on the carat weight of the diamonds. Majority of these bracelets range between 300 dollars and 4000 dollars. The final cost is also affected by the quality of these diamonds. While the certified and verified stones cost more, the normal stones with a comparatively poor quality are inexpensive. Various coloured and shades of diamonds can also be used in making a distinctivepiece. But, its cost in this case would be much higher than the ordinary bracelets.

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