Jewelry – Style Skier Thu, 13 Dec 2018 06:45:51 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Top ways to use your pink emeralds Sat, 05 Aug 2017 16:06:00 +0000 Pink earrings are earrings that are pink in color. They are usually made from pearl, other pink precious stones and from other pink materials. Pink is a very bright color and using an earring of the same color, makes it a very great choice for people who use the earrings. When you are using the pink earring however, you need to pay great attention to how you use it, just like how attention is paid to how you use your other jewelries as well. You want to ensure that you are using it in a way that is complementary to your overall outfit and you are also looking the best in it. Even though pink earrings are very durable and can be used in many ways, here are some top ways to use your earring.

With pink clothes

On a day when you are looking forward to keep up a complete pink appearance, then the pink earring will come in handy in helping you achieve this aim. You could wear your pink earring alongside your pink clothes. If you do not want to look all pink however, you could wear your earring, alongside a pink top on a navy blue or black skirt or a pink skirt under a navy blue or black top. There are a number of other color combinations you can make with your pink cloth alongside your pink earrings, including stripped pink wears.

With a pink bag and shoe

If you are wearing clothes without any pink and you intend to use your pink earrings, you can easily balance it up with a pink bag and shoe. You will therefore be able to wear your favorite pink earring, clothes that are not pink alongside a pink bag and shoe, for some balance.

With other pink jewelries

Another top way of using your pink earrings is to wear them with other pink jewelries. They could all be made from different materials or the same materials. It will also be great if they are the same size. You can therefore have a pink earring, pink necklace and pink bracelets.

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Wire Wrapped Jewelry designs can be a Great Collection for your Jewelry Thu, 23 Mar 2017 11:41:00 +0000 Jewelry manufacture has taken different turns over the years with various innovations and techniques applied.

Wire wrapped jewelry types are great designs of jewelry in different aspects. They can be utilized for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The outstanding fact is that wires are used and that gives the reason for the name wire wrapped. That is, an object gets wrapped in wires!

The materials required to make a wire wrapped jewelry

If you plan working on a handcrafted design which is good and unique in its pattern. There are just a few materials that are required for the design of wire wrapped jewelries. Basically, the wire is prominent and this can be a material of copper and other metals which can be twisted to form the design pattern required. The object to be wrapped are other materials that would make your design coming out beautifully and unique. These can be crystals, pendants made out of a precious gemstone and or natural shells. For either a necklace, earring and other jewelry designs, the wrapped jewelry are special in artistic crafting and outlook.

Wire wrapped earrings are simple and beautiful

Earrings that are designed with a wire wrap technique and pattern are often the long length kind of earrings you would find on the market. These are mostly the dangling built designs of earrings. This can have different styles of coils and twists.

Wire wrapped necklaces and bracelets

Necklaces and bracelets can be wire wrapped to make a unique design of ornament. Usually, this process is carried out on the pendant end of the necklace. You can wrap anything or buy any jewelry with anything wrapped in it. You can have a glass, a key, beads, stones, and gems in the wrap. The wrapping can be done in various coats of precious metals of gold, silver, brass and any other desired metal design. In the wire wrapped jewelry, creativity is the beauty of the game. Manufactures especially handcrafted ones have freedom in designs that can be of uncommon pattern to bring out a creative style that would just be cool.

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Vintage costume jewelry recreates an essence of ethnicity and glamour Tue, 21 Mar 2017 05:35:00 +0000 By costume jewelry we can connote that it’s a kind of complementary, simulated ornamental jewelry to highly expensive fashionable ornamental gemstones. We can trace its development back in early 20th century where the whole world were into a dark labyrinth of war and these metallic ornaments acted as auxiliary  help to their physical strength. Not only it was helpful in waging war but also enhances the beauty of women.

Stopover at its beauty.

We live in a world of heterogeneous population where disparity lives in every section of community, not all people live the hedonistic life but have had to be socially active like them, as it won’t be possible for a middle class people like us to afford precious gemstones such as diamond or platinum out from minor salary where large portion incorporate our daily essential expenses, we human always sorted complex thing to live a cheerful life. Here we did the same to emulate with the high profilers by imitating expensive ornaments into cubic zirconia simulated diamonds, High end crystals and some semi-precious stones. Also incorporate silver-plated brass or gold, sterling silver or sometimes vermeil. Some other pieces incorporate plastic, acrylic, leather, or wood.

It has made affordable, within every person’s reach, now mostly we proudly flaunt ourselves by wearing these without any hesitation.

Some of its form are explained by Schiffer

Flowers, bows, and sunburst designs with a Hollywood flair.

Moonstones, horse motifs, military influence, and ballerinas

Bakelite and other plastic jewelry

Hollywood and other film industries play a significant factor in popularizing costume jewelry, they had made us mesmerized by their glorious look, almost make us go insane, swayed the period with storm.

some of the actors which made us hipster were Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, even Indian actress like Madubala, Meena kumari, Vyjanti Mala, I know we could just drooI even picturizing their ethnic look.

Most popular costume jewelry named include both the low and high priced brands: Dior, Crown Trifari, Chanel, Monet, Miriam Haskell, Napier, Kim Craftsmen, Corocraft, , and Coventry.

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A glimpse of Victorian jewelry Mon, 20 Mar 2017 20:34:00 +0000 Taken to the Past

With the inception of Victorian age, jewelry began with the coronation of Queen Victoria in the year 1837 until 1901.

She was a profound lover of jewelry, she designed it, worn it, and gave a lucrative precious gifts to the British people which seems to be undeniable,  irresistible jewelry.

Her indefatigable passion toward jewelry ignited the talents of jewelry trade mostly embarked upon her beloved husband Albert.

She has given us the reason to augment our beauties with such jewelry . In this 21st century where the word beautiful is been faked through all the revolutionary makeup products and selfie cameras ,only ornaments and jewelry still give us an authentic aesthetic touch to our natural beauty . We are so much engaged in our life and comply to the gregariousness nature (a key to the successful living )we either attend parties in someone’s happiness and joy or invite others to be a part of our own cheerful causes wherein our sole purposes of flaunting our beauty through unique vintage Victorian jewelry. I’m sure you also want to flaunt among your acquaintance through equipping yourselves with these ornaments.

Various style of an ornament are enumerated:

Enameled serpents and snakes bracelet, pendent, brooches, studded with diamond or garnets for your ears , wrist and neck

Hand carved semi precious gem Intaglio or Cameo gained more popularity at that time. It was one of the expensive and precious possession . It had taken artistry by storm and still it has the same impact on people who wears it ,it’s never out of fashion

Black jewelry trend started by Queen Victoria when she was mourning on her husband demise , from then it has become a fashion , another way to exhibit ,and enhance your beauty.

And other example  which yet has the beautiful effect on people eyes ,which not only make you look spiffing but also cast your persona.

Have only given you small segments of enormous content which is much more yet to say, not able to commensurate the entire development of Victorian jewelry within few sentences. While going through the origin of Victorian jewelry, it mesmerized and compelled me to ponder their excellent level of artistry , carving instilled in them when science and technology didn’t spread . By analyzing today’s globalized world, where machine and mechanized technology almost lessened the load of human labor made me lament about their ineptitude and dependency on some artificial artistry which got lost in some ostentatious display.

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Stone Jewelry: A look at popular rough stones that are converted into precious stones Sun, 19 Mar 2017 17:31:00 +0000 Gemstones are minerals or stones observed in nature that should be cut and cleaned for use as stone jewelry. Cleaning stones for adornment is artistic hence requires craftsmanship skills. The cleaned stones look wonderful, solid and are worn on the neck, wrist or any part of the body. The stones are cut manually or by machines to give it the shine and shape.

Lists of systems used in cutting precious gems

Sawing, lapping, polishing, sanding, tumbling, and drilling; with the above procedures, gemstones are given the accompanying structures: circles, beads, cabochons, inlays, faceted, sculptures, mosaics, intaglios and cameos.

The way toward cutting gemstones

The cutting of valuable gems stone jewelry is called faceting. Generally a straightforward machine is utilized to crush the feature of the stone and clean it. The machine is a straightforward machine that has a granulating plate called the lap and an arrangement of protractors that hold the stone. The individual taking a shot at this machine is known as the faceter who controls the machine to granulate the substance of the stone and clean it.

The normal uncut stone is chosen for its shading, shape, clarity and the feature which can be cut and cleaned without splitting the stone. As per the state of the stone, the outline is chosen. The undesirable unpleasant edges are crushed so that the protractors can grasp it solidly.

Using the stone for gems

To utilize the stone for gems, the greatest test is to arrange the stone for a needle to go through the middle so that the aspects reflect light like a kaleidoscope. The inside is resolved to guaranty that the stone is not unstable. When this is resolved, then the features of the stone experience the basic crushing procedure. Once the cutting is done, a cleaning specialist is utilized to clean the different aspects of the gemstone.

In the event that you are a stone collector or a nature, you can undoubtedly crush and clean any stone to add to your gathering or use for stone jewelry. For the novice, pick a delicate stone. Wash the stone off all the grime and soil. Take a 60 coarseness sandpaper and rub it around the stone to shape it. Continue washing it to expel the scratches and smoothing the stone. Once the stone surface is smoothened and you like what you see, clean the stone with a clean and a denim material till you get the sought outcomes.

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Stainless Steel Jewelry: Benefits to you Sat, 18 Mar 2017 23:29:00 +0000 Since the interest for gems by consumers is very high, there are wide ranges of stainless steel jewelry flooding the market. Despite whether you are only a young person or a grown-up, you have a desire to create an impression with what you wear. To show off your social appearance you go to an adornments shop and buy distinctive shocking bits of gems according to your choice. Be that as it may, do consider how to make a profitable and a successful purchase before you spend your money?

What does a successful purchase mean to you?

The question has a clear answer. A compelling buy implies that you have to order something which would add to your look, excellence and identity and last for as long as you want. Because of jewelries have high-value and demand, their prices are usually high. There the essence of buying effectively means it will last for a long time. All things considered, stainless steel jewelry could be one of the best choices for a very effective buy. How, check out the advantages.

It’s Versatile

All gems pieces produced using stainless steel are really flexible. Not at all like exorbitant gold, precious stone and platinum adornments which can be worn just on unique events, stainless steel trimmings can be worn every time and anywhere.

Practically zero upkeep

Stainless steel adornments require little no maintenance. You don’t have to put much in caring for these gems. When you go for purchasing gold, silver or precious stone gems, you must be prepared for spending a few dollars on their upkeep like cleaning and washing.

No wear and tear

When you discuss any gold, silver or precious stone adornments, you should be exceptionally cautious of wearing it since you have to protect the gems most of the time. However, stainless steel contains materials that are not easily destroyed due to wear and tear.

Saves money

When you are obtaining stainless steel jewelry, you are positively sparing a considerable measure of cash. They are much less expensive than gold, silver or precious stone adornments. This is precisely why stainless steel trimmings are getting so popular throughout the world.

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Be Unique By Sporting Unique Jewellery Tue, 07 Mar 2017 16:59:00 +0000 What makes jewellery unique?

Designing jewellery is a very challenging profession and requires long and stretching hours at work. The jewellers have to be tolerant with regard to their schedule. Those who are naturally ready to make these jewellery pieces allow their ideas to flow and soar high to produce that unique blend of different elements, thereby creating a masterpiece. Along with creativity, this also requires acute passion and inspiration.

Working Of The Designing Procedure

Astounding and unique jewellery does not easily come out from the designer’s hands. It is careful and painstaking process to create amazing and stunning pieces of jewellery. The jewellery designer at first, draws sketches of jewelleries on a piece of paper and then, makes the technical sketches, bearing in mind the proportion, symmetry and the material, which is succeeded by concoction and then ascertaining the comfort factor of that jewellery.

Unique Jewellery: Present As Presents

Jewellery is the last option that comes to one’s mind when thinking of gifting a present to someone special or a very dear friend. And when it comes to give a present, that surely has to be something unique and out of this world. So, what are factors that make the jewellery truly unique? Below given is the answer.

  • Other than diamond and gold, alternative jewelleries can be gifted to your partner if you don’t want to be extravagant and splurge so much just for one gift. And moreover, it is not about how expensive your present is. It is all about the connection from heart to heart. If you are giving it with all your heart and love, then nothing can count more than that.
  • Wood can be considered as extremely valuable and also an astonishing alternative to the expensive metals. Each wooden piece of a ring, despite being ordinary and simple, is distinctive and unique. Ranging from astounding rosewood to dark green cypress, the receiver of these rings are bound to get spellbound.
  • Dare to be different. Wooden rings are creative, safe and low-budget option that would completely amaze the person you would gift it to.
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Characteristic Features Of Turquoise Jewellery Mon, 06 Mar 2017 13:56:00 +0000 Types Of Turquoise Used In Turquoise Jewellery

A variety of turquoise is incorporated in the making of turquoise jewellery. They are Bisbee, Stabilized Bisbee, Enhanced Bisbee, Blue diamond, Blue moon, Ajax and Blue gem. The Ajax is mostly bluish in colour, though the blue varies from a lighter one to a dark blue. Bisbee is a mix of light blue and dark brown. This turquoise varies in colour from pastel to deep green and sometimes the opposite, that is from deep blue to light brown. Stabilized Bisbee is usually of the same colour if the stones are cut from the same nugget. But, even then, sometimes colour difference can be found in the stones. Enhanced Bisbee turquoise is not so valued because of the gradual fading and paling of their natural colour. To increase their colour, they are kept soaked in some solution for a small period. Blue Diamond, Blue Moon and Blue Gem, all three of them are bluish in colour as their very name signifies.

Significance Of Turquoise

The turquoise is considered as the mark of friendship. It is said that the wearer of this stone or the turquoise jewellery gets the characteristic features of the stone which is embedded in it. Turquoise is the symbol of truth and wisdom.It is always identified with positive and strong qualities such as cleanness and healing. Turquoise stone is held inhigh regard for itscolourful hue and divine powers.

Stones Used In Turquoise Jewellery

Turquoise stones have splendid metaphysical constituents which possess extremely strong healing power.It helps us to deal with ourselves and overcome our grudges and drudgeries of mundane life. These stones assist us to exhibit our clairvoyant capacities and help us to maintain our female and male facets. The inherent energy of turquoise stones help us to commune with the truth. They allow us to access knowledge about our previous life through their vibration that reverberates within our throat and our third-eye chakra. This is especially very helpful if we want to toil in metaphysical environs as they help in increasing our potent to commune with whatever comes from spirit within our everyday life.

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Go Trendy With Trendy Jewellery Sun, 05 Mar 2017 19:54:00 +0000 Team Up The Right Jewellery To Get The Desired Look

It is very difficult to understand which piece of jewellery should be teamed up with what dress. Sometimes it is just mindboggling with you, having so many dresses and that many accessories. After all, the right look is attained when we pair the right attire with proper jewelleries. While going for a family get-together, it is convenient to sport conventional jewelleries; classy jewellery for an office party. For young girls and teens, wearing trendy jewellery has become the new trend. Trendy jewellery is funky, chic and cool. More and more girls are opting today for these over those traditional ones. They make one look even more stylish and trendy.

Points To Keep In Mind While Buying The Right Jewellery

  1. Check whether the stones used in the jewelleries are real or not.
  2. Examine the hooks and locks properly.
  3. Check whether the stones and beads are tightly secured in place and would not fall off.
  4. Make sure that the jewelleries are of fine quality.

Trends That We Should Never Let Go of

There are trends that we simply should never let go of.  There are a few styles of fashion statement or which you may also call styles of jewellery that we cannot afford to partake with. Here are they:

Earlobe jackets – These are best to wear during the evening time when you want to flaunt them a bit more. So, just spice up your whole get-up by sporting these trendy and unique earlobe jackets and be the person you were never before.

Flowery designs – Everything looks good with floral designs on them; be it any outfit, a bedsheet, a pillow cover or even a piece of jewellery. And when they are crafted and moulded into jewellery sketch, they become even more beautiful. Flowery things are more feminine and hence, suits a dainty and maiden girl instead of the brash and loud ones. So, grab some cool flower earrings or a twisted bracelet to transform yourself into a fashionista, and become an inspiration for every woman out there.

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Skull jewellery just follow the trend Thu, 02 Mar 2017 01:44:00 +0000 Skull jewellery is becoming quite popular between celebs. They are photographed numerous times putting on head. This has also helped to help make skull accessories a style phenomenon. It possesses a punk factor in it which is best for a person that does not wish to have a real goody girl image. A little bit of negative aspect in the image is that it can make her appear challenging. The crossbones jewellery as well as the head bone are linked with a Gothic appearance. That means you does not look like conformist.

Skull jewellery for all

Rings, Chains, pendants, bracelets… many of these things can be enhanced with a small or big skull accessories. Males and females can both put on skulls effortlessly, since they are trendy in variety of ways. A man can proceed to the workplace in tie, suit and also with tiny pendant over a chain inside of his collar of shirt. Or people who use the heavy gold chains made from skulls during day time may go having a small bracelet skull pendants at the time when he is on date with someone, that tells his elegant likes although dressed handsomely. The options are countless.

Great Designs

For women, it may seem that skull pendants or buckle buckles are not suited. This can be far away from real! There are plenty of purses and gowns that are derived from the skull jewellery designs, and women require the precious jewellery to synchronize along with it. Regardless if you are including a sizable skull pendant for your ensemble to match your cranium design handbag, or use a head bracelet highlighted inside your great outfit for work, the head design is very excellent to work for your outfit.

Wholesale skull jewellery

The concept of wholesale skull jewellery is well known among retailers, producers, marketers and exporters. Each one has found this niche to be greatly lucrative. Wholesale skull jewellery sale cannot keep up with the demand that these skull jewellery has created. It is considered that cranium jewellery pieces are capable to enhance your intuitive abilities.


So regardless of whether you wear a big silver head ring to your big board conference or have dangly earrings that sparkle in the sunshine, the trendy nature of skull jewellery is really popular, the fashion that will remain popular for years to come. The gorgeous models can show your creative and fashionable side. Stylish and classy, you can’t go awry using a skull jewellery.

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