Necklace – Style Skier Thu, 13 Dec 2018 06:45:51 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Necklace designs for men Thu, 03 Aug 2017 23:58:00 +0000 Since time immemorial there have been different necklace designs for men. It is worth understanding this so that an individual can choose the one which pleases them most. There are some women who have been attracted to these designs and have taken them up. Even though the number of women who have started putting on these necklaces has greatly increased it does not mean that they are unisex or they belong to women. There are chances that a man might have seen a woman putting on one of the designs. Such individuals should not shun away from such designs. Some of the most common designs include the following:

Military design

This takes the design of pendants. The only unique thing with this form of design is that they bear some special texts. This necklace designs have been adored by many people because of the importance attached to this text.


These are plain chains which have various decorations. They are greatly adored by men. The pattern used to make them brings about some level of satisfaction and therefore a person should chose wisely so that what they end up is attractive to them.

Religious emblems

The religious necklaces take up the design of pendants but the only difference is that they are attached to some religious beliefs. There are some faiths which compel people who ascribe to it to use the necklaces. They vary depending on the type of faith because different symbol stand for different things.

This group happens to be for both men and women because the faith does not recognize a man or a woman but rather recognizes those who ascribe to such beliefs.


This is one of the simple necklace designs that many people admire. A pendant is an ornament or any material hanged on a long chain. The pendants are differentiated by the size, shape and decorations on a given pendants. There are some necklaces which come with a diamond shape while others are round. When a person goes to buy one they should consider choosing that size which is appealing to their eye.

There are chances that some will come with some writings. These have also attracted many people especially when the nature of writings that have been embedded on it is a phrase which can be admired by many people.

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Womens Necklaces – Simply Fall in Love Fri, 24 Mar 2017 14:44:00 +0000 Womens Necklaces are an integral part of trend jewellery. These jewelleries are worn around the neck area and are mainly designed for females. Although most this precious jewellery articles are made of alloys, there are necklaces that are made from many other materials and therefore are thoroughly utilized in some cultures. It consists of a chain that will go around the neckline, having an adornment holding from the chain. These adornments, called pendants, are usually stones of different colours, pearl beads, seashells and other beneficial products. Based on the worth of the pendant, the expense of a necklace varies.

Womens Necklaces can be labelled based on specific factors. Most sell these products depending on the length of chain. The womens necklaces having a little circumference of 40 centimetres are classified as chokers and they are positioned in close proximity to the neckline. Likewise, based upon various measures, necklaces are named as princess, opera necklace, matinee necklace and so forth. Lariat is actually a special type of necklace, which has several wraps, and is also available in a number of design and styles. These necklaces are incredibly well-liked by females as it can be configured as per their need.

Select right womens necklace 

Womens Necklaces have become the most precious jewellery for any woman. You find them in different sizes, styles and materials. The necklace for which pendant is connected will greatly assist in improving the value of the necklace. The three principal varieties of necklace that are available are definitely the chokers, chains as well as pendants necklace.

Gold Pendants Why they are popular

Almost every other jewellery pales contrary to the precious metal pendants for ladies. The earrings are small, and may not be noticed. The rings could also go unnoticed. With the addition of a pendant lying down in the middle, they will always be noticed at any cost.

When thinking about buying a pendant made from the gold, it is usually advisable that you gain knowledge about gold. In this way you simply will not purchase fake precious metal at the cost of the original. It is actually most recommended that you take help of expert gold pendant buyer.


The precious metal pendant is always a treasure among all other jewelleries. It is a jewellery that can be used for any occasion. Irrespective of the type of the celebration – professional or causal – a golden accent will easily fit in perfectly.

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Womens Gold necklaces – Get that Rich Look Fri, 24 Mar 2017 05:43:00 +0000 Precious metal jewellery has changed over the period of time but the fundamental reason of gifting it to someone you care has still continued to be the same. Golden jewellery such as womens gold necklaces comes in different karat ratings that suggest the level of wholesomeness of precious metal in them. As an example, 24k precious metal has much better purity in comparison with 18k, which in turn includes increased wholesomeness than 14k. You can pick a womens gold necklace in 14 or 18k if your finances are slightly tight, but could go for 24k if money is not the problem.

Tips for selecting womens gold jewellery or necklace sets

The Event

The first point to be taken into account is the occasion for which the necklace will be used. If an event will be held later in the day like in the evening then you would need an attractive and flashy womens gold necklace although an occasion during day time would require sober and comfortable jewellery.

The Outfit

The jewellery purchased should match with one’s clothing without that the womens gold necklace would not look stunning. So select the womens gold necklace that will match the outfit

Necklace and Pendant

A pendant and a necklace make an excellent combination. What this means is one may also need to find out if they wish to wear a pendant combined with the necklace. If so, the size of the pendant also needs to be determined. Also, it really is recommended that you simply try diverse mixtures of necklaces and pendants to guarantee that the jewellery does not seem to be repeated.

The Length

The Length of womens gold necklace is dependent upon anyone wearing the womens gold necklace. The length of the necklace ought to be proper. A choker typically appears good on people with a lengthy neck. Individuals with fairly more compact necks should opt for longer chains because it makes neckline appear longer.

The Cost

Before you make final decision, you could search through the catalogue. The choice can be produced on the basis of the number golden carats used for making the jewellery. More the necklace is expensive more will the purity of the gold used.

Summary – womens gold necklace

Womens gold necklace are definitely far effective than words because it is made of precious metal. In case you are madly in love and need to express how you feel, then gifting a gold necklace for your love, ideally having a precious metal locket attached will certainly evoke tears of joy from your partner.

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The White Necklace is Symbolic and are Great Designs for Occasions Wed, 22 Mar 2017 17:39:00 +0000 Necklaces are adorable ornaments for men and women. The various designs of necklaces in the market are designed with beautiful precious metals such as gold, silver platinum and titanium. Precious stones and gems such as diamond are highly priced designs of necklaces that can also be used to store a value.

Among the various designs, the white colors seem to have the shine in the demands on the market. You would find them in numbers of various kinds and shapes and as alloys.

White metal necklaces

In the class of metals for making jewelry, some are known for their unique white color. These are high valued metals owing to the uncommon and brilliant nature of the white designs.

Platinum is particularly a great metal when it comes to white jewelry. Platinum jewelry has this natural hardness and rarity and one very outstanding thing about platinum is that it never loses its white color. It is also hypo-allergenic.

Palladium is another durable white metal for making a white necklace. Though not as quite valuable like platinum, it is affordable and maintaining it is on the low as it retains their white also much longer.

Some metals also have this natural whitish nature and are valued also for making white necklaces. The silver family of the various kinds such as the sterling silver is great designs for fashion and style.

White alloy metals as jewelry are great

If you want a combination of metals in your white necklace design, going for an alloy such as white gold or white diamond would be a nice and beautiful idea for your design style. These are not purely the white metals but have come to be a choice for many jewelry lovers.

These unique crafts are well high in demand for weddings and engagements ceremonies.

Caring for your white necklaces

Necklaces either white or not need maintenance to keep their shine. Like the white gold designs, it requires being re-plated at least once in a year if you want to enjoy the lasting shine in your jewelry. Polishing of the traditional white metals is alright for keeping your jewelry intact.

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Get the History of Vintage Necklaces in your Collections Tue, 21 Mar 2017 14:36:00 +0000 What vintage jewelries actually meant

The term vintage can be used to describe a product that has been in existence for an upward of 25 years. The vintage necklaces are therefore necklaces of different metals such as gold, diamond, and silver that has been kept for long. In actual fact, the vintage necklace should be items that have been held by someone with a history of the product and want to put it out for sale. But in contemporary times, this has been extended to designs that are akin to the old past and not necessarily held before. In this case, these are brown new pieces but have the characteristics of vintage designs.

Buying the actual vintage necklace: what to do

As mentioned, if buying the vintage necklace and not the vintage-inspired designs is your motive, then you’ll need to do thorough findings from the seller of the necklace to be sure you are buying the right one. You would want to find out how long the owner has kept the jewelry and the history behind its use. You may have to carry out dating techniques to finding out the dating periods. You can get to know how to use color and marks on the piece to tell the date of the jewelry.

Buying vintage diamond necklace

When buying a diamond necklace there is the Four Cs that should be taken seriously to ensure you get te best price for your purchse. These are useful for any type of diamond jewelry you are buying regardless if vintage or not. These are the carat, the clarity, the color, and the cut. These all sum to give a pricing for the diamond jewelry. The cut is the shaping. The carat describes the amount of diamond in the design; clarity is a description of the purity of the material while lastly color is just on the nature of the color.

Aside these parameters, vintage necklaces should be thoroughly checked with appropriate techniques before buying from a seller if you are actually looking for the real vintage necklaces.

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Get the Purity of White in your Adornment by buying a White Gold Necklace Mon, 20 Mar 2017 11:33:00 +0000 Does gold also have the white color? The simple answer to this is NO. Gold is still the widely known yellow color. White gold on its own is actually made white by man’s effort to give an appeal in jewelry which is as a result of market demands. White gold is an alloy of the actual yellow gold by electroplating it with a white metal such as silver, platinum or rhodium. In a white gold plating, the rhodium substance which itself is a liquid form of platinum is used to achieve the design.

Measures of white gold necklace

The amount of gold in a substance, that is, the gold purity in a necklace is measured in a carat.  Pure gold is actually a 24 carat gold but this does not exist in reality in jewelry because it has to be hardened with other metals. The hardening is done by electroplating with other metals consequently dropping the carat level down to what is really achievable today. You can actually find either jewelry of 10, 14 or 18 carat gold on the market.

So, you talk of 1o carat white gold necklace, 14 carats white gold necklaces or the 14 carat white gold necklaces in the range of value of the gold present.

Styles for white gold necklaces

When buying a necklace of any type, the need calls for the use. That is, how frequent?  will it be for an occasion, daily use or just casual. This will also help to decide if you would be going for styles such as those with pendants, a chain design or those embellished with other gemstones. These all form the various styles. The length of the necklace is also a style of its own and you may want to watch for the length style you prefer.

Maintaining your white gold necklace

It should be noted that a white gold necklace requires constant maintenance as the coating wears off frequently. To keep the shine, it is recommended that the whitening be re-plated every six months interval if you want to keep enjoying the value in your white gold necklace.

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Interesting Information about Diamond Star Necklaces Sun, 19 Mar 2017 08:30:00 +0000 Precious stone star necklace are for anybody, at any age! They come in many shapes, prices, and sizes. These accessories are a blend of new age and great assets for the picky jewelry lovers. They are dependably an incredible approach to add polish to your look, for the day or night. Star necklaces for diamonds are more valuable compared to other valuable jewelry. They can be worn with anything to any occasion. The neckband can be worn on a plain night dress or with an easygoing outfit to dress it up a bit. Regardless of what you are wearing, day or night it will add a touch of class to your outfit.

It is flexible

You get the opportunity to select gold or silver. Picking which one is ideal for you, depends on your choice or your preference. Both gold and silver are incredible metals that are worn by many individuals. You might need to switch it up a bit. If you have primarily gold you might need to attempt silver. By doing that, you will find that you now have a radical new look.

Play with colors

If you need something else have a go at a colored diamond star necklace. Precious stones come in a wide range of colors; blue, pink, dark and yellow to give some examples. Switch it up a bit, who says you need to run with a “white” precious stone? If presently you have enough white colored jewelry “white” diamonds is excellent with a colored jewel. The diamond star jewelry can be a flawless approach to bring your collections up to date!

Diamonds are more than “just” a gem stone. They offer class and taste to any piece of jewelry. Since diamonds are a precious stone, your jewelry piece can stay in your family. This will give everyone in your family a chance to enjoy the beautiful piece you have selected. Giving everyone wonderful memories and brilliant looks for all occasions! Ladies all around the globe love to get diamond star necklace as blessings, particularly as an excellent accessory. Ladies are able to remember the love they felt, each time they put on their jewelry.

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Enhance your Style with Silver chain necklace Sat, 18 Mar 2017 05:27:00 +0000 Every outfit requires some jewellery to go with it so choosing quality jewellery will help you to use it on all occasions. You can get a silver chain necklace with angel wings which can stand out for its craftsmanship. The length of the chain is 15 inches beside a 2inch extension and has a lobster claw clasp for fastening. It is made of sterling silver and has high polish for finish. The length of the pendant is 13mm.

Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Chain Necklace

The chain is worth its price, crafted of sterling silver with diamond –cut gorgeous finish and is fitted with shiny oval beads. The silver chain necklace can be secured behind with a lobster claw clasp. You can get it of 16 inches length, 18 inches and 20 inches length. The style of the chain is cable and it is just 1mm wide.  The colour of the chain is silver and it can complement any outfit whether it is formal or casual. It will last for many years if you keep it away from perfume and water.

Rose Quartz Chain Necklace

Rose quartz chain necklace can beautify any outfit. It consists of a delicate silver chain necklace with a pear shape pendant of rose quartz at the centre. The cable chain has a spring ring clasp for fastening. The chain is 18” long and is ideal to fit round the neck. When you order it online you get it with a inspirational message card and gift wrapping. So if you want to give it as a gift for family and friends you can give.

Make a Fashion Statement with Vintage Silver Chain Necklace

Vintage silver chain necklace is perfect for men as well as women. It is stylish and will develop into a wardrobe staple in the near future. It is a quality piece of jewellery which is plated with rhodium to prevent it from being tarnished. The necklace   has a scroll design which is carved with beaded tips. This is a quality product made with quality material and costs $50. You can choose the length you like 16 inches, 18 inches or 20inches.

If you like to buy a necklace then choose a silver chain necklace and make a fashion statement.

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Complement your Outfit with Silver bead necklace Fri, 17 Mar 2017 11:25:00 +0000 The silver bead necklace is crafted by hand and can be used for formal as well as day to day functions. The materials used in the making of this necklace are silver metal chain, pewter bead flowers, jump rings and a swivel clasp. This cost $16 and can be shipped anywhere in the world if you order it.

A Silver Bead Necklace that Stands out for its Unique Pattern

This is a rondelle necklace with two tone beads which are graduated. It is versatile, stylish and has a verve. The sterling beads are gorgeous and alternated with golden rondelles. It will look dashing against the winter cashmere which is dark in colour as well as your summer tan. This piece can match any outfit whether formal or day to day wear. Sterling silver with 24 carat gold makes a very good combination. The worth of this attractive piece of jewellery is $95. Those who like to wear jewellery can buy matching bracelet and earrings.

Benefits of a Silver Bead Necklace

A silver bead necklace is known to have a lot of advantages. As the necklace presses against the neck although it is light weight it is said to make the spine stronger and improves mental powers. It also helps to cure heart problems. Silver is resistant to discolouration, rust and oxidation and lasts a long time. It is not plated so will not chip over time. This jewellery is ideal for heavy wear and will retain its shape. High humidity can damage silver jewellery.

Sterling Silver with Three Strands of Beads  

This silver necklace with three strands of beads is crafted by hand. The elegant beads are set in a Sterling silver with a traditional motif clasp. The beads are freshwater pearls which are cultured and  pink in colour. The size of each pearl is 8 mm and is in the shape of a button. It has antiqued finish with a lobster clasp. The dimension of the chain is 25mm wide and 18mm long. This piece of jewellery will last for many years provided it does not come in contact with moisture or chemicals.

Those who enjoy wearing jewellery can buy silver bead necklace which is ideal for all occasions.

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Ruby Necklace: The Perfect Necklace for You Wed, 15 Mar 2017 23:21:00 +0000 Introduction

When you wear beautiful clothes, your appearance would be lovely and pleasant. Looking good is an attribute that should be imbibed as the power and benefits attached to looking good cannot be underestimated. When you look good, people would want to associate more with you, relate and hang out with you. It should be noted that your appearance is your first selling point. Before anyone wants to know what you possess, your appearance would be the first thing he would notice about you.

To look good, you would have to wear beautiful clothes and accessories. In terms of accessories, there are different kinds of accessories you could wear to look good. There are also ornaments and jewelries such as rings, bracelets, anklets etc. Another kind of ornament is the necklace.

A necklace is a piece of jewelry that a person wears round his neck. A necklace is most times created from metal jewelry chain. Other kinds of necklaces are usually made from clothes, using twine or string. The basic features and components of a necklace are wood, gemstones, feathers, art glass, shells, beads etc. There are various kinds of necklaces and an example is the ruby necklace.

Ruby Necklace

The ruby necklace is a necklace adorned with ruby. The ruby could be the pendant of the necklace or could be encrusted on the body of the necklace. Ruby necklace is a beautiful and classy necklace. It is a necklace that would make you radiant and sparkle when you wear it. The classiness of the necklace automatically falls on you when you wear the necklace, as the necklace is unnoticeable. No matter where you are or the place, you would be noticed as a result of the ruby necklace.

Ruby necklace sis made in various lovely styles. There are some ruby necklaces where the ruby serves as the pendant while there are some ruby necklaces where the rubies form part of the body of the necklace. The ruby necklace is mostly worn by females and can be worn to various occasions such as weddings, birthdays etc.


To make your dressing, you can try the ruby necklace and you would be glad you did so.

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