Shoes – Style Skier Thu, 13 Dec 2018 06:45:51 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Looking great courtesy of the ahnu shoes Thu, 03 Aug 2017 03:54:00 +0000 There shoes you will wear and feel like telling the whole world to have a look. This won’t be as a result of pride but rather as way of telling the world that there are great shoes waiting for them to wear. The ahnu shoes are great to wear. These shoes are cool and they feel great when worn. However, you need to know how to be in them and you need to wear them, in the right so as for you to look as good as intended. The ahnu shoes are cool and they add to the perfection you will if you dress right. You see, apart from our personal looks, we are judged by how the shoes we are in. The kind of shoe you are in tells clear the class that you best fit. The ahnu shoes are great shoes and you should have at least appear in your house.

Making the best out of the ahnu shoes

The ahnu shoes are good shoes. They are cool to wear and they make you look great. However, it is best to have these shoes on you the right way. The ahnu shoes need to be worn with the right dressing, you need to dress in an appropriate way so as for you to look in the ahnu shoes. There is some to me of dressing you will be in and the ahnu shoes won’t be any good on you. These shoes require that you dressing a way that that when you wear them, you will look best. In simple terms, you will look better in the ahnu shoes if you wear them with the appropriate dressing.

Dressing in style

When you are in the ahnu shoes, you need to dress creatively. Fact is you will definitely look good if you dress normal but you will look best if you dress creatively and wear these shoes. They say a cake is good, but some icing on the cake makes it better. The same is to the ahnu shoes. You will definably look better when you are in them

Looking best

Dressing the ahnu shoes to day and see, the notable difference that you will create. Purchase of these shoes can be made online and from the seller who assures you quality of the same at all times. You dress to look good and the ahnu shoes will make that happen.

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Choosing the right dressing to be matched with the ankle boots Wed, 02 Aug 2017 17:52:00 +0000 Dressing makes you look but not all dressing. When you dressed in the ankle boots you definitely will look coll. However you will look better if you have the right dressing that is fit to be won with the ankle boots. You need to make careful selections so as for you to have the right ankle boots for yourself. You need to make careful selections in dressing so as for you to have the right dressing that is best fit for you. When you are dressed right, you will beta the advantage of ranking to and appearing good. On the other hand if you are dressed not as appropriate as required, you won’t look nay bad but you look as you should be. For this reason you need to know the right ways to dress so as for you to great when in the ankle boots.

Selection of the right dressing

The shoes you have should match well with the rest of your dressing. You should choose clothes that are appropriate when you want to be dressed in ankle boots. This is for the purposes of looking good and creating a look of importance. The right dressing is the perfect catalyst that will make you look best when in the ankle boots. Without it then you won’t achieve that perfect look the ankle boots were made to give you. Make sure that you take time to think of what to wear when you intend to have the ankle boots. A mirror would be important so as for you to assess your looks better.

Choosing the matching colors

Color matter when it comes to dressing. For instance, how would you look if you were in a yellow tie, a green shirt, and brown trousers? You would definitely look like a freak. This is the worst color crash you could have. Imagine dressing that way and adding the ankle boots. Fact is you don’t like the imagination. Well, you should match colors well so as for you to look better when in the ankle boots.

The general look of the dressing to be worn

In addition to what is already discussed, here is an additional tip to dressing well and being in ankle boots. Make sure that dress in a way that fits your body size and structure. Think of what dressing will look best on you and then add the ankle boots on top of the whole thing for maximum perfection in looks.

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Three important things to know about the Armani sneaker Tue, 01 Aug 2017 21:48:00 +0000 Sneakers are good. Sneaker are shoes every teenager and very body who want to look will wear. These shoes arte great and they make you look cool. You should of course have ion of these on your shoe rack. Sneakers are nice shoes. This is not an exaggeration and neither is it a way of meeting the same. It is just the plain truth. Sneaker will look best on you at all times and they are fit to be dressed in anyway apart from official dressing. Sneakers are good shoes and they are the casual preference of many. These shoes are definitely the best in the casual world and they can dressed in jus everything that is casual. Due to the demand of these shoes, their supply has increased and the manufactures of the same are making more sales of the same. You need a pair of sneakers but there things you should know before making purchase of one.

Quality assurance

Due to the fact that the Armani sneakers have had much demand, clowns of the same have surfaced. There are manufactures who are opportunity and they have come up to give themselves a share of this opportunity. In the market, there are counterfeit sneakers made to look exactly like the genuine sneakers. You may not tell the difference by the look hut after you wear a fake pair you will tell with time. Due to the fact that there are counterfeits in the market, make sure that you make purchase of sneakers only from where you are assured of genuine quality and that is online.

The chance to make the right choice

When making purchase of the Armani sneakers, it is best that you are given the chance to make choice among variety. When you make choice from variety, you will pick the most suitable shoe that is best for you. The chance to choose gives you some degree of satisfaction and hence you better appreciated see the quality of the pair you bought. Online is the appropriate place that will offer you a chance to make purchase


You need to know the purpose of the Armani sneakers you make purchase of before you do. The Armani Sneakers are casual and hence you should have the perfect idea of this. Much as we have official occupations, fact is that we are casual at home and away from the office. With that you definitely have the right idea about the casual sneaker you wish to have.

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What determines the best basket sneakers? Sat, 29 Jul 2017 03:30:00 +0000 Those people who play basketball should make sure that they have gone for the right shoes. This is the desire of many people who play basketball but the main problem is that they are not aware of what determines the right basket sneakers. There are some features that an individual should be concerned with so that the right decision is made at the end of the day. Some of these aspects include the following:


A basketball player who is concerned with beating the opponent will always be making swift movements. In such a case an individual will be compelled to go for basket sneakers that provide enough cushioning. Safety is a key factor to the players because in case they are injured they will not be able to continue playing. This means that an individual has to make sure that they have gone for the right sneakers so that they are protected from danger as they make these movements.


There are different types of materials which are used in making basket sneakers. The lifespan of a given set of shoes is determined by the nature of material used. A person should therefore make sure that they have gone for the right materials. There are some materials which are used to make shoes yet they go through wear and tear after a very short time. There is no need of going for that thing that will not last for a longer time because other people will continue enjoying the services of their shoes.

The right shoe for the right player

In basketball there are different types of players who undertake different activities. The type of player largely depends on their position as they play the game. It is therefore vital for a player to go for the right basketball sneakers so that they can continue enjoying the game.

For instance, when it comes to power players, they are different from all round players. A person who observes the game keenly will realize that the power players need more support compared to all round players. This means that the two types of players should prepare differently and put on different types of shoes.

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Tips for selecting beach shoes Fri, 28 Jul 2017 17:28:00 +0000 It is enjoyable to spend better part of one’s life at the beach but one of the challenges an individual should expect to face is making a decision on the most suitable shoes. The sand environment makes it difficult for one to be comfortable with any type of shoes. The suitability does not depend on the type of occasion one is attending but rather it should be dependent on whether one is comfortable or not comfortable. Some of the parts that one should consider include the following:

Ability to get fresh air

A good shoe is that that allows one’s feet to get fresh air. This is important especially with the sandy environment. An individual will feel comfortable when their feet are receiving free air. This means that open shoes should be a choice for those who are planning to spend their lives at the coastal regions since they allow one’s legs to be fresh every time.

Those who opt for closed shoes might be forced to keep on opening the shoes to allow free circulation of fresh air. This work might be difficult since one’s choice is not the best beach shoes.

The size of the heels

For those people who are comfortable with high heeled shoes will not experience problems when they take a walk at the beach. The best beast choices of beach shoes are those which have a flat sole. It is easy to use such shoes since an individual will not be forced to struggle with balancing their body.

The color of shoes

It is important to remember that most beaches have brown sand or white sand. When selecting beach shoes one should make sure that the color of shoes they choose matches well with the color of sand. When an individual picks up on a shoe color which uniquely matches with the color of the surrounding then they will have improved their appearance.

Apart from putting on shoes for protection, one should also aim at improving their appearance. This can only be done when the best shoe design is selected. Those who fail in this have high chances of failing to appear attractive before other people.

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Black and white pumps-Which One to put on Thu, 27 Jul 2017 01:20:00 +0000 It is a matter of common knowledge that pumps come in several colors. The most common ones are the black and white pumps. When a person goes to buy the pumps they will be forced to choose one from these two colors. There is no need of making a blind decision because it will end up affecting one throughout their life. An individual should make an informed decision and some of the guiding factors that should determine which one between black and white pumps will be chosen. Some of these factors include the following:

Type of dress to be used alongside the pumps

There are some types of dresses which match well with certain pumps. For instance a person who is interested in putting on a brightly colored dress should make sure that they have gone for black pumps. Those whose dress color is dull should go for white pumps. This is the only way an individual will be able to appear attractive before other people.

Climatic conditions of the place to be visited

There are some places that people visit yet they are dusty or even muddy. You can imagine how white pumps will look like when a person uses them in a dusty place or a muddy place. In fact they will be ugly and a person might want to look at them the second time.

In such a case going for black pumps becomes the only option. When a person is making a visit to a place which does not have dust or mud then the white pumps will be a nice option for them.

Occasion or event

In the life of a human being there are very many activities they should make sure that they attend to. For instance people will go to parties, weddings and even occasions. There are some organized evens which have a dress code. For instance if you have to attend a white party then you have no option apart from putting on white pumps. When a person is struggling to be like others they will discover that the type of pumps they have to put have been selected without having to think about it.

These aspects happen to be the guiding compass when choosing between black and white pumps to put on for a certain event.

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Look graceful by wearing black patent shoes Mon, 24 Jul 2017 13:08:00 +0000 Patent leather is the leather rich in shiny appearance.  It is known for its top quality safety features and sturdiness. Elegant, sparkly, enchanting, flexible, and so on. Adjectives which can identify patent leather. Waterproof property of patent leather makes it high quality. Presently, patent leather is covered using plastic layer. This is generally mistaken for some manmade which have glossy appearance. With time, leather has become a well-known material for the sneakers. Most eye-catching shoes or boots are made of patent leather. It has been in pattern from a long time. This leather is usually employed for making black patent shoes for men.

Easy to maintain Glossy look

Patent leather being of a superior grade grain that undergoes a process to attain the glossy look. So this glossy look has to be preserved on a regular basis since patent leather footwear is of high standard that any regular footwear. Maintenance will be the greatest point that makes us bothered whilst selecting something pricey. But in the event of shoes or boots it’s not time consuming. Black patent shoes or boots can be cleaned in a simple way. Dirt can easily be removed with a moist fabric, or employing a mild soap when required. For getting rid of scratches and scuff in the covering a number of special leather cleaners can be used. As the time passes, shiny finish and shiny appearance will eventually begin to vanish; nevertheless it will still be better than most other kinds of leather, giving practically rubbery appearance. Visual element of patent leather causes it to be popular. An ordinary cleaning is definitely the simple suggestion for keeping shiny look in your leather boots. Correct cleaning and correct storage space for patent leather is what is essential. Nutrient oil can be the best for cleaning. Petroleum jelly could also work well. Scuff marks can be taken off utilizing acetone based nail polish removal solution.

Right Storage Right Care

A great upkeep can be achieved through correct storing. Appropriate storage space can add a lot in excellent servicing. When not in use, they should be covered utilizing dust particles cover in order to steer clear of dust particles.

Summary black patent shoes

Black patent shoes are incredibly well-known shoes. Black patent shoes have many varieties and these are produced from patent leather. Each and every footwear should be held separately. Moreover, they must not be in touch with anything else.

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Black shoes – A Colour for everyone Mon, 24 Jul 2017 03:06:00 +0000 Men tend to get accused as are they least bothered about the look, and give least consideration to their shoes. But times are quickly changing and the boot craze is no more the right of only ladies. Men love their shoes and tend to be more open to tinkering with their look. Don’t fret unless you are categorized as this type of person, read this article to get the idea.

Apart from gender, some view shoes as functional necessities, while some have a boot obsession. A lot of people probably visit some or the other places. It’s safe to state that black shoes are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. The styles change from formals to casuals to semi-formals shoes.

Tips to match Black shoes

Wear shoes that match or more dark than your pants or jeans. Though it is a safe bet, socks need not match your shoes. Instead, treat your socks as you’ll a tie up – something that may bring the whole costume together. If using a belt, make an effort to match your shoes to it.

There are fantastic selection of men’s shoes and boots. You will see men’s fashion shoes, boots, sandals and trainers. We understand everything about men’s shoes: travelling the globe and bringing the most discussed men’s fashion trends for you like loafers, brogues shoes, penny loafers, military boots, cowboy boots, clogs shoes, tassel loafers, preppy shoes like deck shoes, boat shoes, desert boots, plimsolls and espadrilles. We’ve a proper collection of work shoes and work boots, or for your special occasion. We’ve a great assortment of smart shoes, dress shoes, men’s custom made shoes and leather shoes.

Suits any colour and Style

Different attires demand a different design of shoe. You can wear nearly every style or colouring of boot with trousers, but a safe gamble is to possess a set of neutral black shoes which suits almost any shade. Avoid very glistening shoes which were designed for dressier apparel. Boots, lug soles, sneakers, sandals and loafers all work great with jeans, so you may find it beneficial to let the design of your tee shirt show you. For instance, a sports shirt, polo shirts might go well with loafer; t-shirts will match sneakers or retro-style boots; long, artistic button-downs work very well with flip flops or modern-day styles.


Dark is a natural colour and therefore, it makes easy to complement with any colour. Not surprisingly, some individuals are concerned about what to wear with a great black shoes. Therefore, this can prove to be a perfect guide to the all-time perennial fashion questions

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Why you should wear black thigh high boots Sun, 23 Jul 2017 17:04:00 +0000 You will rarely find any woman’s collection without a minimum of one set of black thigh high boots. Footwears are created for cool time of year, especially during winter months, but wearing it with the proper garments will transform you from uninteresting to fashionable and sassy! The sole problem is do you require more outfits to go with them?

Designers all over the world are making variations of shoes which can be purchased in just about every colour you can imagine. Black will be the traditional colour of course since it works together with just about any shade of clothes you have.

Makes you look great

Using an adorable plaid dress with darker colours together with your footwear will make you an immediate attention turner. Also, button down polos along with skimpy shorts goes nicely together. The good thing about the colour dark is it is quite flexible, complimenting virtually any colour.

The trick here is to ensure that you expose some skin area so that you set some emphasis on the shoes. Wear the right tones, types which do not appear too stunning collectively so that you won’t be a pain to people’s eyes. You need to be very cautious when choosing your clothing, not all clothing are suitable for all circumstances no matter what the lady within the garments may possibly say.

Many Types to Choose from

Like most clothing you will see a number of styles, colours and degrees of high quality when you go shopping for your footwear even though it might be tempting to get the least expensive types. You are surely not purchasing the footwear that will likely be beneficial for a year and then never wear.

Boots are worn not only during night but also at work, or perhaps a showing off occasion when you purchase the best type. If you pick black thigh high boots for example then you definitely will fell quite secure as everyone has an outfit that goes with black colour which is a colour that is appropriate for wearing 24 hrs a day.


Black thigh high boots are great for everybody whether you like or do not like your body. You can use all of them with your legs showing or with older jeans; you can wear all of them with a skirt or with tights. The choices are endless. There is however one thing that you can be assured of and that is you will be noticed quickly even in a crowd with these Black thigh high boots

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General information about blue boots Sat, 22 Jul 2017 21:00:00 +0000 Boots come in different colors and getting a nice color of boots is not just enough. The way you use the boots is also very important, as you will not want to get a boot that you will find it difficult to wear, because you do not have any other clothes that you can wear alongside the boot. This also applies to blue boots, as it is not a very common color of boots people use. When you therefore decide to use blue boots, it looks unique on you and draws a lot of attention. The attention could however remain positive or turn negative, depending on some factors. Some of these factors are listed below.


When you buy a blue boot, it is very important that you wear it with the right type of clothing. The fact that blue color can go well with a lot of other colors including white, black, pink and yellow does not mean you can use with every other color. It does not also even mean that you can use it every time you wear those colors of clothes as your other accessories such as the color of belt you are wearing or the color of jewelries could make a blue color boots a no no.


When you are buying a blue boot, it is also important that you buy one that will be useful for you. For instance, if you want to use the blue boot for work, you should be sure that it is the right type for your job. Working in a place where there are risks of electrical shocks could also mean ensuring that you get a blue boot that can act as an insulator to some extent. This will help to avoid shock hazards that could be fatal.


The type of blue boots that you buy should also have the ability to protect your feet. This is considering the fact that an individual might be prone to heating their leg while on their way to work, at work or on their way from work. When this happen, the boot should be able to minimize the effects of the impact as much as possible.

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