Style Skier Thu, 13 Dec 2018 06:45:51 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Get Silver anklets for Charm Sun, 06 Aug 2017 12:10:00 +0000 You can add star charm with silver anklets which are made of 92.5% pure silver. They weigh around 75 ¾ grams providing a dainty look to the ankle. These anklets look very attractive when worn with stiletto heels.

Anklets of Sterling Silver

Sterling silver anklets can enhance the look of your ankles with the geometric motifs and the feminine charm. These anklets are plated with rhodium to makes them durable as well as to improve their aesthetic appeal. The craftsmanship used in the making of this jewellery takes care to see that you do not have to waste time taking care of it. It should be kept dry and free of chemicals to help it to last for a long time. The price too is affordable making it easy to get the perfect pair of anklets to wear when you go out.

Unique Benefits of Silver Anklets

It is considered to be one of the most beautiful ornaments in India.  It is not just used for weddings and festivals but also   in day to day life when going to office or shopping. It is available in a wide range of styles and designs. Anklets are made of gold silver and rhodium. But silver is considered to be the best option in daily life. Wearing an anklet is said to relieve weakness and leg pain. It also helps to cure swollen feet by improving the blood circulation in the feet. It is also known to activate lymph glands and boost the immunity system and help to fight diseases.

Why Choose Silver anklets?

It is believed that when women wear silver anklets they can overcome menstrual disorders, infertility problems, gynaecological problems and hormonal imbalances. It is considered essential when dressing up for a festive occasion. Each state in India has significance for its use. The western women wear anklets as a sign of fashion jewellery. Jhallar anklets have charms or dangling chains which jingle. It covers a large part of the ankle providing a rich look. These anklets are heavy and are mostly used by the brides on the wedding day.

If you are thinking of buying anklets then slim sterling silver anklets are the best option which are lightweight and look attractive on the ankles.

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Uses of opal promise rings Sun, 06 Aug 2017 02:08:00 +0000 The opal promise rings have a unique uses. There is a need for an individual to harbor a full understanding of these uses so that they can avoid misusing the rings. There are common uses of these rings and they include the following:


During an engagement many people have seen the need of giving out something which serves as a reminder that someone was promised something. The opal rings have become the best choice for people. This has made it a custom that people expect a ring before they confirm that they are engaged.

It might not be easy to reach this stage in a relationship. Engagement only indicates that the two people have known each for a while and therefore they can take their relationship to the next level.


The world is a home of many cultural practices which have various meanings. There is a need for people to arouse admiration. The best way of getting this done is by going for jewelry. even though there are very many types of jewelry that exist today but choosing opal rings will grand one desired results.

This is also associated with the aspect of beauty and appearance. Their colorful appearance has made them suitable for use in this area. Better results are therefore achieved with these rings.

Taking vows

There are various types of vows which people take. The most common one is when a person is assuming a new office. There has been a need for people to have a sign that indicates that promises were made. Even though this might not be common everywhere but some religions and cultural practices across the globe embrace it dearly. They have therefore gone ahead to do the right thing by going for opal rings.

This rings functions as a constant reminder to an individual who has taken the vow. This ensures that a person remains in the right track. There are some people who might be too busy with other activities and therefore there is need to keep on reminding them. This can be done best when a symbol for the promises is used. Such a symbol comes in the form of a ring to be worn all through one’s life.

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Top ways to use your pink emeralds Sat, 05 Aug 2017 16:06:00 +0000 Pink earrings are earrings that are pink in color. They are usually made from pearl, other pink precious stones and from other pink materials. Pink is a very bright color and using an earring of the same color, makes it a very great choice for people who use the earrings. When you are using the pink earring however, you need to pay great attention to how you use it, just like how attention is paid to how you use your other jewelries as well. You want to ensure that you are using it in a way that is complementary to your overall outfit and you are also looking the best in it. Even though pink earrings are very durable and can be used in many ways, here are some top ways to use your earring.

With pink clothes

On a day when you are looking forward to keep up a complete pink appearance, then the pink earring will come in handy in helping you achieve this aim. You could wear your pink earring alongside your pink clothes. If you do not want to look all pink however, you could wear your earring, alongside a pink top on a navy blue or black skirt or a pink skirt under a navy blue or black top. There are a number of other color combinations you can make with your pink cloth alongside your pink earrings, including stripped pink wears.

With a pink bag and shoe

If you are wearing clothes without any pink and you intend to use your pink earrings, you can easily balance it up with a pink bag and shoe. You will therefore be able to wear your favorite pink earring, clothes that are not pink alongside a pink bag and shoe, for some balance.

With other pink jewelries

Another top way of using your pink earrings is to wear them with other pink jewelries. They could all be made from different materials or the same materials. It will also be great if they are the same size. You can therefore have a pink earring, pink necklace and pink bracelets.

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Easy tips for buying gold earrings Sat, 05 Aug 2017 06:04:00 +0000 There are so many types of earrings that are commonly used by women. Some of these earring types include pearl earrings, diamond earrings, silver earring and gold earrings amongst others. Earring is a jewelry type for the ear, which are usually worn on the earlobe through a piercing. Even though earrings are mostly used by ladies, there are a number of men that wear earrings as well. When you want to buy golden earrings, here are some tips to help you.

Look for reputable store

The importance, value and attractiveness of gold is well known and there are therefore several fake gold jewelries and fake gold items that are in the market. Some of the fakes are almost perfect imitations that it might be difficult to differentiate them. It is therefore vital that you buy your gold earrings from only gold stores that are very reputable. Reputable gold jewelry stores have a reputation to protect and would therefore not sell fakes. Their staffs are usually experts in recognizing original gold and fake ones. You can therefore be sure that any gold you are buying from the store will be real. You should also get a receipt as a proof so that if there are any issues with the ring, or if the gold is not original, you can easily return them and ask for a replacement or refund.

Buying from the Internet

It is also possible to get a golden earring from an online store. If you want to use popular auction sites like ebay and amazon, ensure that you search for a seller that has being on the platform for a very long time and have a lot of satisfied clients, which you can confirm through reviews. It is however safer to buy from reputable websites directly, as you can’t hold auction sites responsible for a bad product as you can hold a reputable independent website. The probability of such reputable websites delivering a wrong product to you is therefore very minimal.


Gold jewelries could be a bit expensive due to the value of gold and how much they are sold. Earrings are however mostly small jewelries and are therefore generally more affordable, compared to other gold jewelries.

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Classification of gold bracelets Fri, 04 Aug 2017 20:02:00 +0000 People have used different techniques to classify bracelets but it becomes difficult to continue classifying them if the classification was based on the material used for a given bracelet. The best way to categorize gold bracelets is to base on how such a bracelet is used. This will give us the following groups of bracelets:

Daily wear

Daily wear gold bracelets are those bracelets that are good for daily wear. It is possible for a person to use these bracelets for several days following each other. They have been designed in a special way such that they can match with any type of cloth. This is a suitable choice for those people who do not want to stock a wide range of bracelets.

They are also designed so that they can serve one for a long time. When they are compared to other types of bracelets they are the strongest hence they can last for a very long time when used in the most appropriate way.

Casual wear

There are some people who like being simple. Such individuals will not bother themselves with official outfits because they want to do things in a simple way. These individuals should not contemplate on whether they have some gold bracelets reserved for them. This group of bracelets is specially designed for them.

When they are used with a casual wear they match very well and make one’s appearance appealing to the eye of an individual.

Office wear

There are some professions which require an individual to remain in an official outfit. For a long time it has been thought that it is not easy to use bracelets alongside this dress code. This should be brought to an end because there is a solution to it.

They are designed to match well with official outfits because this is their use. A person who might be struggling to match other bracelets with their official outfits should stop grappling with it and go for the right bracelets. This will give them an ample time when it comes to dressing in an appropriate manner.

Party wear

Those people who like partying have enough reasons to celebrate because there are party wears for them. These bracelets are available and can e bought for use.

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Reasons you should make choice of the right place to make purchase of the cocktail earrings Fri, 04 Aug 2017 10:00:00 +0000 When you intend to make purchase of earrings, you have to make the right choice of the right place to make purchase of them. Careful selection of the right quality of what you want will do you much good since you will have quality of service from it and more so you will have satisfaction form the same. With the current world, there are two version of everything made. There is the genuine and the counterfeit version of them. The former is obviously cheaper so as to attract you to make purchase. When you intend to make purchase of the right cocktail earing, it is best to make purchase of the same only from the place that you are assured of quality. Cocktail earrings are the best earrings to have and these earrings have the right gesture of perfection that you need. Here are reasons you should consider the right place to make purchase of the cocktail earrings.


For the purposes of quality, make sure that you make purchase of the cocktail earrings at the [lace that you are sure of getting the right thing. Every time you intend to have anything, the number one factor that you should have in your mind is quality. The right quality cocktail earrings are the best suited earrings that will give you a perfect look of beauty and better define your class. There are different forms of purchase that include, online purchase, the local purchase and even the second handed market. Out of all these, there is only one place that you are assured of quality and that is online.

Assurance of the best

The class of the earrings that you are in will Cleary come out depending on the quality of what you have. Genuine cocktail earrings will add quality to your beauty while counterfeits will only demean the quality you already have. So as for you to have quality, you need to determine the right place where you are assured of nothing less of quality. Genuine cocktail earrings will be found only online.


The price of anything you make purchase of should be directly proportional to the quality of the same. The cocktail earrings are quality and hence their prices should be as their price. Never go for cheap but only target quality since quality has value and this is the value that you should have from the cocktail earrings you make purchase of.

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Necklace designs for men Thu, 03 Aug 2017 23:58:00 +0000 Since time immemorial there have been different necklace designs for men. It is worth understanding this so that an individual can choose the one which pleases them most. There are some women who have been attracted to these designs and have taken them up. Even though the number of women who have started putting on these necklaces has greatly increased it does not mean that they are unisex or they belong to women. There are chances that a man might have seen a woman putting on one of the designs. Such individuals should not shun away from such designs. Some of the most common designs include the following:

Military design

This takes the design of pendants. The only unique thing with this form of design is that they bear some special texts. This necklace designs have been adored by many people because of the importance attached to this text.


These are plain chains which have various decorations. They are greatly adored by men. The pattern used to make them brings about some level of satisfaction and therefore a person should chose wisely so that what they end up is attractive to them.

Religious emblems

The religious necklaces take up the design of pendants but the only difference is that they are attached to some religious beliefs. There are some faiths which compel people who ascribe to it to use the necklaces. They vary depending on the type of faith because different symbol stand for different things.

This group happens to be for both men and women because the faith does not recognize a man or a woman but rather recognizes those who ascribe to such beliefs.


This is one of the simple necklace designs that many people admire. A pendant is an ornament or any material hanged on a long chain. The pendants are differentiated by the size, shape and decorations on a given pendants. There are some necklaces which come with a diamond shape while others are round. When a person goes to buy one they should consider choosing that size which is appealing to their eye.

There are chances that some will come with some writings. These have also attracted many people especially when the nature of writings that have been embedded on it is a phrase which can be admired by many people.

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Dressing the original way courtesy of the 1940s dresses Thu, 03 Aug 2017 13:56:00 +0000 What would think of your friend if you found them driving the 2nd world war Ferrari? Of course you would find it cool and despite the fact that there are modern and more advanced version of the Ferrari, your friend would definitely have some envy in the streets. The best thing about previous designs and models of anything is that they bring the past to the present and this creates a look of originality and incredible uniqueness. Dressing is no different. Change of dressing here and there is allowed. This is because when you have what was used in the past, provided it’s in good condition then you are up and ready to go. You are definitely classy and gorgeous. Dressing well is a nice thing bit dressing previous is wonderful thing. Take it’s the 1940s way and see the change you bring in town.

The best thing about the 1940s dresses

Having the 1940s dresses shows a look of satisfaction and brings in a look of class and importance. This shows that you are fit for all modern dresses and you have had much of them, so it’s time to make the difference. By dressing the 1940s way you definitely will look cool, attractive and most of all, gorgeous. Dressing is about how you make yourself look. Remember, a lady is addressed the way she’s is dressed, when you are dressed classy and you have a look of importance, that’s the same address you will get from everybody.

Dressing the old way

Dressing the old way in the modern world break the monotony of modernity. This is a fact and take it as fact that die to the uniqueness you create you will definitely look and perfectly good and attractive. You see, there is one likeable thing about being unique. You look good and more special than anybody else since the 1940s dresses you have rare.

Taking dressing to the next level

It is always best to be a step ahead of everybody in everything at all times and dressing is no different. As others struggle with modern dresses, its time you to dressing the 1940s way. When you have a couple of the 1940s dresses your dressing will definitely be at another level out of this world.

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Looking great courtesy of the ahnu shoes Thu, 03 Aug 2017 03:54:00 +0000 There shoes you will wear and feel like telling the whole world to have a look. This won’t be as a result of pride but rather as way of telling the world that there are great shoes waiting for them to wear. The ahnu shoes are great to wear. These shoes are cool and they feel great when worn. However, you need to know how to be in them and you need to wear them, in the right so as for you to look as good as intended. The ahnu shoes are cool and they add to the perfection you will if you dress right. You see, apart from our personal looks, we are judged by how the shoes we are in. The kind of shoe you are in tells clear the class that you best fit. The ahnu shoes are great shoes and you should have at least appear in your house.

Making the best out of the ahnu shoes

The ahnu shoes are good shoes. They are cool to wear and they make you look great. However, it is best to have these shoes on you the right way. The ahnu shoes need to be worn with the right dressing, you need to dress in an appropriate way so as for you to look in the ahnu shoes. There is some to me of dressing you will be in and the ahnu shoes won’t be any good on you. These shoes require that you dressing a way that that when you wear them, you will look best. In simple terms, you will look better in the ahnu shoes if you wear them with the appropriate dressing.

Dressing in style

When you are in the ahnu shoes, you need to dress creatively. Fact is you will definitely look good if you dress normal but you will look best if you dress creatively and wear these shoes. They say a cake is good, but some icing on the cake makes it better. The same is to the ahnu shoes. You will definably look better when you are in them

Looking best

Dressing the ahnu shoes to day and see, the notable difference that you will create. Purchase of these shoes can be made online and from the seller who assures you quality of the same at all times. You dress to look good and the ahnu shoes will make that happen.

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Choosing the right dressing to be matched with the ankle boots Wed, 02 Aug 2017 17:52:00 +0000 Dressing makes you look but not all dressing. When you dressed in the ankle boots you definitely will look coll. However you will look better if you have the right dressing that is fit to be won with the ankle boots. You need to make careful selections so as for you to have the right ankle boots for yourself. You need to make careful selections in dressing so as for you to have the right dressing that is best fit for you. When you are dressed right, you will beta the advantage of ranking to and appearing good. On the other hand if you are dressed not as appropriate as required, you won’t look nay bad but you look as you should be. For this reason you need to know the right ways to dress so as for you to great when in the ankle boots.

Selection of the right dressing

The shoes you have should match well with the rest of your dressing. You should choose clothes that are appropriate when you want to be dressed in ankle boots. This is for the purposes of looking good and creating a look of importance. The right dressing is the perfect catalyst that will make you look best when in the ankle boots. Without it then you won’t achieve that perfect look the ankle boots were made to give you. Make sure that you take time to think of what to wear when you intend to have the ankle boots. A mirror would be important so as for you to assess your looks better.

Choosing the matching colors

Color matter when it comes to dressing. For instance, how would you look if you were in a yellow tie, a green shirt, and brown trousers? You would definitely look like a freak. This is the worst color crash you could have. Imagine dressing that way and adding the ankle boots. Fact is you don’t like the imagination. Well, you should match colors well so as for you to look better when in the ankle boots.

The general look of the dressing to be worn

In addition to what is already discussed, here is an additional tip to dressing well and being in ankle boots. Make sure that dress in a way that fits your body size and structure. Think of what dressing will look best on you and then add the ankle boots on top of the whole thing for maximum perfection in looks.

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