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Get the Purity of White in your Adornment by buying a White Gold Necklace

Does gold also have the white color? The simple answer to this is NO. Gold is still the widely known yellow color. White gold on its own is actually made white by man’s effort to give an appeal in jewelry which is as a result of market demands. White gold is an alloy of the actual yellow gold by electroplating it with a white metal such as silver, platinum or rhodium. In a white gold plating, the rhodium substance which itself is a liquid form of platinum is used to achieve the design.

Measures of white gold necklace

The amount of gold in a substance, that is, the gold purity in a necklace is measured in a carat.  Pure gold is actually a 24 carat gold but this does not exist in reality in jewelry because it has to be hardened with other metals. The hardening is done by electroplating with other metals consequently dropping the carat level down to what is really achievable today. You can actually find either jewelry of 10, 14 or 18 carat gold on the market.

So, you talk of 1o carat white gold necklace, 14 carats white gold necklaces or the 14 carat white gold necklaces in the range of value of the gold present.

Styles for white gold necklaces

When buying a necklace of any type, the need calls for the use. That is, how frequent?  will it be for an occasion, daily use or just casual. This will also help to decide if you would be going for styles such as those with pendants, a chain design or those embellished with other gemstones. These all form the various styles. The length of the necklace is also a style of its own and you may want to watch for the length style you prefer.

Maintaining your white gold necklace

It should be noted that a white gold necklace requires constant maintenance as the coating wears off frequently. To keep the shine, it is recommended that the whitening be re-plated every six months interval if you want to keep enjoying the value in your white gold necklace.

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