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Using other silver accessories with your gold chain necklaces for a bold fall look

If you intend to wear jewelry in a fashionable way, that you might have to mix them with other jewelries from different metals, textures and styles in a way that matches. There are different styles of jewelry you might want to opt for this autumn including modern, striking, vibrant and bold. Look different by adding traditionally clashing pieces and you will be making a fashion statement. Here are some ways to use silver accessories with your gold chain necklace for a bold fall look.

Black jewelries

One of the easiest way to get a classic look is by introducing black color somewhere, be it in terms of clothing or jewelry. Virtually everybody looks good in black clothing and the same is also applicable for black jewelries. Get silver accented black jewelry or black accented silver jewelry during this fall. Silver and black tones are able to blend perfectly when they are on the same jewelry piece. Further, an outfit that is predominantly black is highlighted by silver jewelry, making it to look less flat. Bracelets that are white gold and chain necklaces that are yellow gold often given the earthy, warm tones that come with fall. Using a gold chain necklace alongside black jewelries with silver is a sure way to get a bold fall look.

Silver jewelries

There has being some changes in the fashion rules. Ladies are no longer stigmatized for mixing silver and gold jewelry or other styles together. The implication of this is that when properly done, people can wear silver and gold jewelries successfully to give a bold look during the fall.


There are a number of watches that you can easily wear alongside a silver and gold accessory. It is possible to put on a silver wristwatch alongside a gold chain necklace. Intricate designs can easily be created with the blending of the 2 metals that will give a bold look.


Wearing a silver ring with a gold chain necklace is also very possible. You can also add a combination of silver and gold bangles to achieve a bold look.

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