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How to Grow Red Vein Enkianthus

If you have a site with acidic soil, consider planting Enkianthus campanulatus, the red-veined enkianthus. In spring, this shrub is covered in a profusion of white flowers that feature pink veins. In autumn the leaves turn red. The Royal Horticultural Society gave the Red-veined Enkianthus the Award of Garden Merit. ...

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How to Care for Succulents

What are succulents anyway? “Succulent” refers to thick, fleshy plants that have evolved to store water to survive dry climates or harsh soil conditions. Water is often stored in the leaves, giving succulents their signature (and irresistibly cute) look. Other succulents can store water in their stems, and some succulents ...

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Octopus Trainers

This is a lightweight sneaker with almost minimal components, a combination of soft upper and soles in one piece and an eco-friendly and efficient production process. Inspired by the architectural structure and mechanical aesthetics, the design combines function and aesthetic support with ample wrap and comfort. Like a soft bionic ...

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Inspiring Wall Decor Ideas

Are you looking for something awesome and budget friendly to make your interior wall less boring? This post is for you. It shares 15 inspirational DIY wall decor ideas that you should try. These don’t require a lot of time and effort, so you can definitely put them on the ...

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How to Grow and Care Fuchsia

From spring through fall, fuchsias produce dozens of brightly colored, dangling, teardrop-shaped, single or double flowers from trailing stalks, and they do so in the shady conditions that most plants struggle. Fuchsias are a fabulous hanging basket staple with their elegant drooping flowers that hang like so many crystals from ...

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How to grow gazania flower

Gazania plants produce dazzling, daisy-like flowers. Grow these sun-loving flowering plants along pathways, at the edges of flower beds, or in hanging baskets for a colorful display of flowers from late spring to early summer. What is Gazania? Gazania (Asteraceae) is a South African flowering plant that belongs to the ...

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How to grow and care Hoya Flower

Hoya plants — also called wax flowers or porcelain flowers — are popular for their beautiful blooms and decorative foliage. Here we introduce you to some types of wax plants and give you our best tips on growing and caring for them. Hoya: flower, characteristics and origin Hoya, also known ...

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How to Get a Hoya Plant to Bloom

What to know about how to make a hoya plant flower? Follow our tricks and tips to make your plant bloom in all its beauty! The hoya plant may be popular for its glossy leaves, but its flowers are the real deal! They smell so heavenly that growing them indoors ...

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How To Grow Dahlias

If you’ve never grown a dahlia before, it’s high time you did! Most gardeners can’t grow just one, and there are countless strains to keep you busy. Find helpful prep and planting guides, staking tips, end-of-season bulb storage tips and more. How to prepare your soil for planting dahlias Some ...

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How to Get Your Cactus to Flower

Why isn’t my cactus blooming? I’m going to share five tips on how to get your cactus to bloom. Now I’ll talk about the desert types of cacti. As for epiphytic rainforest cacti, well that’s a whole other article. This article is about desert cacti. It’s worth noting that some ...

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