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Ironing Station Ideas for Basement
Laundry Rooms

Ironing Station Ideas for Basement Laundry Rooms

Can the basement laundry room feel like a dungeon?

The common man spends hours a week. That corresponds to 1-3 days of washing! No wonder that the washing intervals tend to be updated.

Many have to trudge into the basement, while the upper floor is currently the norm. However, you can earn laundry comfortably (or less dull) if you prepare the space for both function and form.

First, let’s consider the role component of this equation. What actions do you need to take at that particular distance? Would these activities be carried out? Here is a listing to help maintain your brain

  • Transporting laundry
  • Sort laundry
  • Pre-treat laundry
  • Fold and dangle laundry
  • Ironing clothes (yes, even a few people still do that!)
  • Hand wash (and air dry) delicates
  • Sewing and handicrafts
  • Gift wrap channel
  • Laundry care offers

Now that you understand very well what is to be achieved in this space, think about form. The laundry room can only be a distance! It will get the time to pass faster while washing may not be fun. And you will be amazed how little it costs!

  1. To clean up! Before you begin, create a new canvas. Clutter – you need to clear it up when you have it. Wash it off when your mom can wake up in your basement and go on a trip. If your basement stays in its original shape, consider painting the floor and walls with one clay. Observe from the ground.
  2. Consider adding a laundry chute to help transport laundry (if only one of the options!). This is especially useful when you can find people (and they know they actually are) who aren’t getting the “crap” that they regularly belong to.
  3. Limit the washroom area. Can the washroom float right in the middle of this room or be hidden in a corner? Establish. Add FLORE. It is also possible to make it in whatever colors you need. It’s a design element that is great. However, it is thicker in your own feet.
  4. A place for everyone and what it is.
    Create a moveable cabinet with built-in storage space by adding castors to the underside of a dressing table cabinet. Use this movable room divider to set your distance. Rate irregularities or items at the local hardware store to get a great deal.
  5. Train it. Buy three large laundry baskets to change the size of your laundry from light, dark, or medium. Make clues to indicate what is what. Or write them down with a felt pen -! Choose a stop kitchen at an excellent price and use it like a table. Not only is it a lot of height for your spine, but you also score with storage space! And why don’t you put some bar stools in there just to go out or do handicrafts? Mini fridge optional.
  6. Hang up. Hang over a pole or close the “folding stairs” to hold items as possible folders, find yourself a rolling clothes rack. You can have a much more relaxed time while still damp with the tops hanging. Use hanging dividers for owners’ clothes to keep items organized.
  7. Creative ideas. Don’t skimp on a light. Use a mix of task and ceiling lights to make sure you can easily see what you are doing. Wash them off if you have windows in the basement and then cover them with curtains that allow for lighting inside.
  8. May it be entertaining! Add a decorative element, e.g. B. a glowing sign that says “Drop Your Own Dirties”. This ”with an arrow pointing to the adjacent laundry area. Find smart cabinet knobs. Put in a tip jar to get loose change. Use vibrant containers to attract gears. It is possible to spot cheap plastic containers. But avoid small tchotchke things that collect dust (and lions).
  9. Put in an indoor tree to breathe life into your distance – a fine ficus or durable rubber tree.

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