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Bedroom Makeover and Renovation Ideas

Bedroom Makeover and Renovation Ideas

There are several quick and inexpensive ways to change the look of your bedroom.

1. Paint the walls
2. Move the furniture around
3. Buy new bed linen

To avoid a lot of furniture, start by making a paper plan of your area. Measure each wall and mark where the sockets are. Then pull out your furniture to scale and start transferring the pieces of paper until you discover a fantastic arrangement.

Since the mattress is usually the most important part of the furniture in the room, find the space for it. This is usually along the wall. However, there are several factors that you should consider.

1. You want an electrical outlet on each side of the mattress.
2. Ideally, you need an 11 foot wall to have plenty of room to walk around a mattress and make it with ease.
3. Beds that are right behind the door are not ideal for privacy.
4. Discrimination against windows can be pretty cold.
5. Ideally, the rays of the rising sun must fall over the bed in the morning (when the curtains are in place). Why?

For many people, it is not possible to find a place for the mattress that meets all the requirements for figuring out what to accomplish and do.

When the space is attached to the mattress, the rest of the furniture usually collapses. A storage seat or ottoman at the end of the bed provides a fantastic place to sit while getting dressed and also to store extra blankets and bedding. A large low dresser can serve as a vanity if needed, using a mirror above it (although this is far from ideal). You might discover a tall dresser with drawers for clothes storage below and space for a television above. Decorate the dresser with a green plant, some framed photographs, and maybe some nice glass perfume bottles or ornaments that mean something personal. If your dresser has a mirror then do your best not to put it against the mattress as Feng Shui advocates will let you know that this is not a fantastic idea.

Once you’ve determined where the furniture is going, stack everything in the middle of that room and start painting. Color is a fabulous way to change the look of a room quickly and cheaply. However, don’t let the stores limit the colors you find in you. Getting amazing results on a painted wall is relatively easy. Rag rolling and sponging are simple techniques that involve applying a single color primer to a wall, which is then a different color with a rag sponge or buffed. Use water-based paint and water the paint so that it doesn’t dry too quickly but not too far so that it drips a lot. It uses a real sea sponge to float paint onto the wall with a twisting motion.

If the idea of ​​coloring doesn’t appeal to you, there are many more options that won’t break the bank.

– A mural that covers an entire wall can give the room a very special look.

– A stencil layout, especially when oversized, can look fantastic. If you are scared of stenciling use a single color, it can be stronger than trying to achieve realism.

– Modern wall tattoos can achieve the same effect as a single-color stencil, but have the advantage that they peel off. Ideal for rented houses.

– A wallpaper border can make a feature stand out, is easy to install, and not too difficult to remove if you’re looking to redecorate.

– If your area has a less than ideal view, consider adding a blind in the window to let in light but keep the perspective to the outside. Add a picture with a sheet from the local wall decoration store.

Do you have color They are not walls that can be painted. If your bedroom is great but doesn’t match, the way to fix this is to paint them all the same color. Remove the handles and replace them so that all of the handles on each piece match. If your furniture has carvings on it, brush it up with a little brushing. This is a hassle-free technique where each part of the furniture has been painted a single base coat of paint and then picking a different color (darker for a choppy look, silver or gold if you want to add luxury). Slide the brush into the paint and remove as much paint as possible. It’s called dry cleaning for a reason!

It’s really up to you, but none of these ideas are costly.

So you’ve changed the walls and furniture, there is only one thing to add and that is the delicate decor.

Your ideal is a great scheme that is easy to maintain. Choose a machine washable bedding collection that is completely coordinated, e.g. B. a mattress in a bag. With coordinated sheets, pillowcases and a duvet cover, you can easily get a high-quality combination to complete your brand new room.

Pour the wine, dim the lights and crawl between those sheets, then pull up the covers and leaf out. You have worked hard but you can enjoy the comfortable, cozy bedroom you have always wanted.

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