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Do Fashion Rings Have Any Meaning

Do Fashion Rings Have Any Meaning

Origin of rings

People are using rings as the attribute of the appearance from the ancient times.

In Egypt, ring inlaid with ruby meant Pharaohs` power. In France, to give a ring meant that you are chosen. To kiss a tzarsky`s ring was a sign of respect in Russia.

For some people ring is an ordinary jewellery, but for the others – talisman. Do you know how to wear this jewellery?

Ancient Symbols And Ring Signs

There is a “ring” finger on both hands. To wear jewellery on that finger means that you are married.  In ancient times, this finger was called an “artery of love”. It still is, so that it is used for special rings. That depends on the culture what hand you choose. But usually ladies use the engagement ring on the opposite hand than wedding one. For engagement occasion, it goes with diamond or some other stone, but for the wedding – usually it is just plain, golden one.

Thumb or “Lord of the rings” is a finger for big fashion rings, usually vintage or with the stone.

If you like Power, then you like to wear your favourite accessory on the point or Power finger. In ancient times, all kings had rings on their point fingers.

Middle or Family finger is considered to be more neutral for rings. But if you are superstitious, and you have important negotiations or some other affair, put on the ring on middle finger, and you will succeed.

In old times, a ring on little finger told people that it`s owner is free to flirt with.

Modern Vision

May be nowadays we are not following the rules of wearing our beloved accessories, but we don`t need. The fashion rings are so huge, that even one ring will emphasize and show the owner`s taste. Graceful line or posh stone, figury or monogram. You are able to find any sort of ring according to your taste and preferences. But don`t forget that to wear rings on all fingers is a little bit rude feature. It shows people that you are tasteless person.

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