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Elegant Black Interior Design

Elegant Black Interior Design

We are bombarded with shades, colors and light. Every sound, and sometimes we don’t even notice it, affects our mood; every color has a meaning and is intertwined with all of our frames of mind. There is nothing random in this world. Did you ever notice There are days when you feel like you’re wearing black and white, days when you feel like adding color by wearing a cherry shirt or maybe even a blouse or maybe even some mysterious evening wear. You can’t change the colors of a room, but you can choose the colors for your wardrobe depending on your mood and change them as often as you like. You need to choose the colors correctly once you start decorating an area.

Designers work with a color wheel to pick colors and colors that match. You should be aware that there are actual colors (such as red, yellow, and crimson), bright colors (blue, black, purple, and green), and neutral colors (white, black, black, gray, brown, and beige) . . You need to understand how a place can be affected by each of these color collections. For example, warm colors often stand out; As the name suggests, neutrals are … The air calms down.

You need to find a means to balance the tones and make the mood so that you have it. You want a room full of energy. – You want to fire. You intend to cool – shoot azure. Let’s find out exactly what each color means because colors don’t mean the same everywhere in the world.

Red is for passionate love

A crimson rose, a box of chocolates on Christmas afternoon, also a heart that is red, but in South Africa that means crimson mourning. Red can be the color used in flags. This is because in early times flags were placed in combat and crimson also gave the signal. Red is the color of red – beans at Easter signify the blood of decent luck and even Christ. Red is very lucky in China. If you want purple, creating a backyard decoration is the ideal option.

Green is the color of nature

You can find it in grass trees and a few vegetables. It inspires and soothes. In times green was the shadow of success and honor. This is still the color of happiness. If you prefer dark green opt for an Irish motif, blue is probably the color by far – it is refreshing and calming and offers an atmosphere of security. Knowing that blue is the color for police uniforms, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. You cannot fail. Just in case, opt for blue for the house. But gloomy is actually just a color that is cold and balances it with yellowish or crimson.

Purple is just a royal tone

At times it was difficult to have purple -. It is also the color of inspiration; So, if you’re an artist, an accented area can excite your brain. It is widely used to decorate children’s rooms as purple is designed to help children develop their imaginations.

Orange and yellow are all warm colors

They are generally associated with tropical fruits (oranges, oranges, oranges) with sunlight. Both have an excellent effect, yellowish could be obtained as a sign of deception and envy and also not overlook the fact that executioners wore yellowish in a bygone era. Be careful how you use yellowish and orange. Both stand out and tend to control the living room.

White and black are impartial

Each for different cultures, both mourn. But hey symbolizes grief for a few: crimson for South Africans, blue for Iranians, purple for most women from Thailand, yellowish for Egyptians, white for Western and Oriental, black for Americans and Europeans. Black and white are elegant, however, and even if you shouldn’t be painting your walls, you can choose black upholstery to show off your interior, giving a sense of durability and opulence. White is peace, kindness, purity and devotion.

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