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Extraordinary Mediterranean Architecture
Style Inspiration

Extraordinary Mediterranean Architecture Style Inspiration

Mediterranean architecture was particularly popular between 1915 and 1940 and is still one of the trendy. It has been used all over the world, such as when designing buildings in California or Florida. The premises motivated that in the Mediterranean because they have the same climate. These unique structures have elements such as courtyards or terraces.

Mediterranean houses have some elements that enhance their aesthetics. It can be chandeliers and mantels indoors and gardens, along with decorative landscaping and fountains. The houses can be on the seafront or built out of the hills. Most houses have wooden window grilles because they have to withstand various weather conditions such as rain, sun, wind and salt by the sea.

The basic idea is that the type of construction arrangement determines how the construction will be assembled. For example, meaning that an Italian-style villa is built as a farmhouse, that sounds reasonable; however, it is still something worth emphasizing. The look of these buildings has many roots. For example, it can be relocated to Spanish churches or even have its roots in Moorish, Tuscan or Andalusian architecture. The roof covering consists of hammered bricks and therefore has an eaves under the edging. Most of the colors are lavender, sky blue, and light yellow, and it can be a swimming pool outside.

Because of this climate, especially in summer when temperatures reach up to 40 degrees Celsius, the houses are assembled to ensure that the inside always stays fresh. This is done by building walls. They are therefore assembled taking into account various environmental (exp. Noise) and weather factors (such as rain, wind and temperatures protected from the people inside). This can be achieved by using insulation to keep heat out from getting inside, mortaring the walls and to avoid additional absorption the walls and walls are usually white which means heat.

We can say that the buildings have an assignment and look good, combine functionality with elegance. They are incredibly spacious and well ventilated, with a variety of indoor spaces integrating the warm climate of this Mediterranean into the architecture.

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