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Get the Best Cashmere Pashmina Shawl

Get the Best Cashmere Pashmina Shawl

Pashmina is known all over the world for its softness and exquisite feel. It is the undercoat fur of a mountain goat that lives at high altitudes. Authentic cashmere pashmina in the one that is hand spun. There are different types of yarns that are available in different locations. If you look at a shawl of pure pashmina you will witness a fusion of colour that starts with a light shade and ends deeper. You might find a slight variation of colour from the digital image to the actual piece.

A Pure Pashmina Stole

Genuine Pashmina Stole which is 100% pure cashmere has no equivalent for it softness, lightness, fineness and warmth. This stole is woven by hand by Kashmiri craftsmen in the traditional bird’s eye pattern. It always provides warmth and is free of wrinkles. This shawl has made Kashmir valley famous for centuries.

100% pure pashmina is harvested in Ladakh and is woven by hand in Srinagar in India. Any time you want to buy a cashmere pashmina you can purchase it in Kashmir.

Pashmina Wool Silk Shawl that is Handmade

Pashmina wool silk shawl is made by hand with a mixture of red and black colour. It cost is just $10. You can enjoy the texture and beauty of this soft shawl which can be used as a wrap or a shawl. You can feel the texture and the lightweight of this luxurious ultra-soft fabric.

The shawl can be used with any outfit to enhance its looks. It is available in different colours each one more attractive than the other. Use pashmina shawl to accessorize your outfits and make them attractive.

Benefits of Cashmere Pashmina

Cashmere pashmina is attractive, luxurious, and fashionable and is also a durable and practical investment. It is easy to travel with as it does not get wrinkled. It provides insulation, keeping you warm in winter and cool in spring. It lasts a long time and gets softer with age and does not pill. It is best to buy from a long time supplier to know the genuineness of the item.

Anybody interested in Cashmere pashmina should buy it from a reliable supplier and use it as an accessory with the outfits.

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