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How to take care of Khaki trousers

How to take care of Khaki trousers

The popularity of Khaki trousers has kept on increasing as the clock keeps on ticking. This has seen many people go for this type of trouser. It is important to note that Khaki trousers are not like any other trousers around. It is therefore necessary for any person who thinks about using this trouser to master the skills of taking care of the trouser. Some of the things that should be done to take care of the trouser include the following:

Machine wash

It is advisable to wash Khaki trousers by the aid of a machine. Washing this trouser with hands can easily damage it. This will also make it to start wearing off at a very fast speed. There is no need of damaging the trouser in the name of cleaning it.

It is also advisable to choose the soap to be used carefully. It is advisable for a person to avoid using bleaching agents because they can easily damage the trouser. Soaps that will not bleach the trouser should be used.

Hang to dry

There are some clothes which should be dried by air blowing them. This technique of drying them takes a very short time. There is no need to be in a hurry to use this trouser after washing it. If the Khaki trouser is air blown, the abrasions will be damaged. Instead of air blowing it, one should instead hand it to dry.

If a person wants the trouser to dry up after a short time they should time themselves so that the trouser is washed on a windy day.

Iron the trouser

Apart from cleaning the trouser it is also important to iron it. When ironing the trouser an individual should turn the inner part outside and struggle to straighten the seams. To iron it effectively, one should begin by laying one leg on the table or the ironing bench. The three seams should be straightened well.

An ironed trouser makes one to appear descent when they use them. There are some people who are lazy and do not like ironing their trousers but this should be treated as a unique case and soon one will appreciate the fruits of their efforts.

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