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Is There Any Age Limits For Wearing Butterfly Brooch?

Is There Any Age Limits For Wearing Butterfly Brooch?

Brooch is the great accessory among women. Using brooch, you can make an accent on your age, style, mood. It differs according to size, picture, colour. This is the “must have” thing in every lady`s wardrobe.

Pictures are symbols. Hearts, flowers, birds… But what about butterfly brooch? Is there any restrictions of wearing it? Let`s find out!

History Of Butterfly Brooch

The tradition of lady`s wearing brooch came to us from the Middle ages. That happened in France, when one of the dames used brooch as an enigmatic sign which gave exact messages to her chevalier.

Today, butterfly brooch is used more as an accessory, but a real lady should know the rules of wearing it. As you can meet a lot of different variants of wearing accessories. It is very easy to overdo your image. If you`ve never worn it before, it`s time to try.

The Best Ways To Wear Butterfly Brooch

Butterfly brooch can end up your costume. It is a fresh idea to “put” it on your blouse. Not all blouses like invasion so to decorate it in the middles of your colour is not a way out. Try to experiment. If butterfly is little and tiny, it will always find a suitable place on the upper part of your left breast. Place a middle-sized butterfly on the scarf, on its left side. Big butterfly will feel comfortable on your hat, or on your jacket. Or lovely butterfly will look great on your bag.

Butterfly brooch is a symbol of independence, “flying” woman. Nothing can replace it. The feeling of self-confidence, unlimited freedom will go with you.

But there are strict rules of choosing pin. Try to combine it with your clothes.


Men pay attention of the accessories like brooches. So, choosing butterfly, be careful. Look at it`s wings, colours. Which one inspires you?

Important thing is you do not need to be 18 years old to choose a butterfly. If you feel for it – take and wear it! No matter you are 20 or 50!

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