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Modern Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern Small Kitchen Design Ideas

It’s a common problem. When browsing through the countless magazines that are in it, the kitchen posters are based on the many photographs of kitchen screens in their area. Do it. Kitchens allow the topic as a whole to be removed from the picture or do not have the same effect.

The dilemma is that the vast majority of homeowners currently live in much more grandiose, let’s say “compact” kitchens, as it is the time to grow as far as possible at a distance. So contractors will try and squeeze. This is. In addition to practical clothing and the right design, small things can also be beautiful. In addition, you can focus a lot more on the aesthetics and your thoughts without having to pay for large areas.

How do you feel about lighting? Do you feel uncomfortable when there isn’t a lot of light, or do you want to enjoy the mood lighting instead and wander into a darkened room? If you’ve tended towards the latter, skip the following paragraph entirely (actually not – there are a few things that would still apply).

More light space

The more light you dive around an area, the higher it is. So lighter tones stick to lotions or the whites or something that aims for paler colors of your colors. While a bit of a maintenance requirement, glossy doors are fantastic for smaller spaces as the reflections add and reflect the doors and thickness. The move to appliances allows you to incorporate more of those reflective doors that create a manifestation while creating a seamless effect and giving it a much bigger look.

Bring your backboards across your work surface for play – think of a mirror – it will be blown from a distance, and the mirror is inexpensive. Far less, state, than stone or glass. Floor tiles are a bonus. You don’t have to use all of these in a small space; Otherwise, it may feel like you’re floating in mid-air. Use two of these principles, natural floor tiles are appealing to the eye, and matte wood will create a fantastic balance.

Dark rooms don’t mean they need a goth’s help – multiple kitchens in the basement of a house that has little. When there is a lot of light, there are people who prefer sound. The secret would be that surfaces like wenge or nero granite create a much more romantic space. Woods like American Black Walnut and Macassar Ebony work wonders in kitchens. If you get this aesthetic right, the area will be flattered as claustrophobic.

Keep the notes

Too much black (mostly matte black) can make you attractive to the regional undertaker unless that is your item (black additionally shows markings above each other on the outside!). And one more thing – good lighting is essential. Instead of using the spotlights on the beam, the use of uplighting adds atmosphere.

Make a note of storage. It could go back to the cabinet. The time is right to review every storage solution available on the market in case you need to find your appliances and clothes dryer. Ironing boards are almost a remedy. The top types are pull-out shelves that take up the space of the otherwise existing corner base units. Try to keep an eye on everything “openly”. This I suggest that the gap between the wall and the base go without interference, like in a pub kitchen. Glue on components or corners and plan the rest. In this way, the room offers the best feeling of distance without disturbance. “

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