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Silver bangles to complement your Style

Silver bangles to complement your Style

In ancient times minerals and gemstones were said to have healing properties so women use to wear bangles, rings and armlets to keep danger away. Sterling silver is considered to be the best metal today for jewellery because of its price, appearance and value. Its aesthetic s and affordability make it the best choice in jewellery.

The Benefits of Silver Jewellery

Silver has been known to fight infections, prevent flu and cold besides being an antimicrobial agent. It is also known to be effective for healing wounds regulating the body temperature and helping in blood circulation. Silver bangles are also known to help in cases of sterilization as well as act as an antibiotic preventing virus and bacteria from attacking the body. It also has a role to play in skin repair and maintenance of the skin. Silver is known to keep the blood vessels elastic besides helping in bone formation and reducing the symptoms of arthritis.

Sterling Silver Bangles

Silver bangles and known to be skin friendly. The quality and shine of the bangles remains for years. From times immemorial silver bangles are known for their healing properties. They can be given as gifts. Silver can be used to complement any trendy or ethnic outfits. Silver does not require any maintenance. Silver ions which are positively charged create a conductive field around the body which reflects radiation which is electromagnetic away from the body which in turn arouses the natural conductivity of the body and improves the circulation of blood.

Silver Bangles to Complement Trendy Outfit

They have a silver shine and are ideal for a dressy evening. There are seven bangles of 7 cm diameter which can be matched with high heels and a maxi dress for a formal evening out. The bangles are textured and silver toned and have a gorgeous shine when light falls on them. They can be cleaned by a soft cotton cloth. It requires no maintenance and can be used for daily wear. The price of these bangles is very reasonable and being silver it does have health benefits.

If you are deciding to buy bangles, silver bangles are known to be the best for its health benefits.

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