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Smart Man Cave Basement Ideas

Smart Man Cave Basement Ideas

The entire design of Person Cave revolves around the television, especially the flat screen TV. All I want to do is describe the best television installation for watching your favorite sports.

The greatest man cave setup

When I found you ten years ago with this particular design, I would have been thought crazy. The main area of ​​the look could have been expensive for families or men.

The plan is built around my favorite sports bar installations. The best sports bars include 5 or 6 big screen TVs or projectors showing games on big screens in the bar. A bar setup wasn’t previously possible to get a person cave because huge projection screens just took too much space and only cost $ 2,000 each.

Let me deliver you the look I saw on my regional sports bar that you can easily copy.

Even the ledge had enough space, but it looked like it was part of that socket.

Smaller sports bar

It is clear to me that we cannot install 5 displays in our person cave because there is not enough space. Introduce yourself for a moment. Each of your friends have been at your home since you have the installment.

This ultimate person cave rate is like you were once a little kid and moved into your friend’s house who had all the toys. Today it is no longer the “trendy toy”, but the trendy TV report that all your pals can bring along.

We have been at the peak of March Madness since I wrote this report. Having the ability to watch three games at the same time is priceless. Turning back and forth to other games is a hassle. How many times have you had to choose between two really intimate games at the same time?

Which type do you choose?

With the installation “Ultimate Man Cave” you can watch both games at exactly the same moment.

The fee the tallest man digs

Here is the best part of this installation. The cost has dropped dramatically under 10 years. The cost you pay depends on the brand you get and also how big that screen is. Depending on the size of your basement or room, you can likely use three 40-inch flat-panel televisions.

It is not advisable to buy three models just because they may not need the exact clarity or color.

The Greatest Man Cave is built around the television, or in such a case around three televisions. Once you’ve installed the televisions, it’s time to install all of your favorite team’s graphics and banners. Enjoy each of these games!

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