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Sparkling white gold earrings

Sparkling white gold earrings

An exquisite piece of jewellery always stands out. It creates a style statement which one would love to carry with themselves. There are trends and fashions which the dazzling world of jewellery follows. Given the changing times, women are choosing light weight but elegant pieces of jewellery to wear at work and home. White gold does the magic for them.

White is the new yellow

White gold is increasing adorning the pretty shelfs of jewellery stores, thus superseding the classic yellow gold. From celebrities showing off their platinum bands to images of white gold rings on photo sharing apps, white gold is here to stay. It is an alloy of gold and stronger metals, such as nickel, palladium or manganese. Therefore, it is stronger and more durable than yellow gold.

Pocket friendlier

The rarity of platinum makes it the most expensive and hence prestigious. However, if you are looking out for exclusive yet easy on your budget, then white gold is your go to. White gold also compliments all skin tones, unlike yellow gold which shines bright on olive and dark skin tones. Its not surprising that white gold has become one of the favourites as wedding collection. White gold goes beautifully well with diamonds as well as precious and semi – precious stones, thus upping its versatility quotient.

Its all ears

There are many ways in which you can wear your white gold. Stand out in the eye catching and dazzling pieces of earrings. Let It shine on your ears in a pair of stunning studs, dangling drops or hoops. The floral earrings, with delicate designs are the top selling ones. For those who are bold and love to try new designs, they can try patterned earrings in various shapes. They look trendy and stylish. A dainty piece of heart shaped earring would be an ideal gift for Valentines, adding glitter to your romantic mood. Long drop earrings are suited for women with long neck. Create your red carpet look by tying your hair up in a bun and showing off those lovely dangling drops.

Wear your white gold in any style and get ready to dazzle and shine!

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