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Store Bathroom Towels –  Bath Towel Rack

Store Bathroom Towels –  Bath Towel Rack

Move around to make it work

The bathroom is available in various dimensions and many layouts. And every bathroom, especially a workspace, has the things you need close at hand. A place to store spare parts is essential for a comfortable and functional bathroom. If there is no storage space installed in our bathroom, we will have to find it some other way. Installing the correct bath towel holder can be a great storage solution.

Conventional storage in the bathroom is installing a towel rail on the wall. But sometimes we find that wall space is expensive, even if the toilet has space. Sometimes something as simple as attaching a towel rail to the bathroom wall becomes a challenge. Even if you have wall space, you may not be able to install towels without damaging ceramic tile, disrupting pocket doors, or damaging electrical wiring or stacks of pipes in the walls.

The layout of the floor in many bathrooms can feel strange, but that doesn’t stop this space from working properly. But the selection of bathroom accessories that are available to us can help us to design this room well, even with design challenges.

Keep clean

In order for the shower or bathing area to function properly, you must keep clean, dry towels close by. And without taking up premium wall space, one towel rail can take over the work of several towel rails. Simple solutions can be found in wood and chrome coatings, brass, nickel and wrought iron. You can find it with or without a shelf at the base, in an elegant traditional style and in a bold contemporary design.

A free-standing bath towel holder can be moved around in the bathroom. It’s easier to put it right in front of your shower. However, if you bathe the kids in a large tub, you can put the bath towel rail on the side of the room and safely grab any towels you need to tie the little ones.

Use your imagination

You can search the site for bathroom accessory suppliers and search plumbing and home improvement centers for bathroom storage options. But you can also let your imagination run wild. You can bring items with you that you might already have as double bath towel rails – a freestanding wine rack for rolled towels, a storage cubicle for stacked leaflets, a small bookcase that fits under a window, or a tall set up for all of your linens and toiletries. Even large magazine racks or thick wicker baskets that can move quickly around the room can hold multiple towels that are rolled up and left at the end.

Perhaps you have a small side table with shelves and drawers that offers you enough storage space for bathing right next to your bathtub. You might want to lean the ladder against the wall for plenty of room to hang towels – antique wood for cottages or metal in industrial attics.

Or try crooked bookshelves; You can add folded towels on some shelves and store toiletries on others. If you have free floor space, consider a trolley. Maybe there is a swivel bar from your parents’ toilet in your basement. Give a new coat of spray paint and get back to work. You might even consider adding office furniture to your bathroom – check out the printer booth for an alternative to the traditional bath towel rail.

With the right storage, even a sophisticated bathroom can work efficiently quickly.

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