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Trends in Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Trends in Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Trends in kitchen furnishing ideas 2021 – It’s the end of a year full of ups and downs. You don’t have to worry about next year. We have summarized modern kitchen furnishing ideas for your 2021. Find and freshen up your home again with modern kitchen decor ideas, modern kitchen designs, interior kitchen designs, minimalist kitchen designs and minimalist kitchen set designs 2021.

The significantly increased range continues to offer pomp and expression of individuality and uniqueness. We give you presentation options to bring your kitchen into the new year in a sensational way.

Kitchen furnishing trends 2021

With many people’s attitude to change their lives as the course of 2020 goes on and hoping they will make it through this year, we are trying to drive interior design trends for 2021.

1. Global impact

Impressed with earthy color palettes and warmth, sheer textures, the World Affect pattern goes completely with woven, wood, and rattan home appliances. Its daring safari feeling is influenced by wildlife and African plains.

“We saw the“ world effect ”as a key pattern for the season in every interior and every fashion. With hotter tones now generally preferred to cooler grays, this can be an important interior pattern that can be easily carried over into the house. ‘

“The problem and the purpose is to capture the aesthetics of the global nature through distinctive and artistic views,” explains Maria Parry.

“We travel all over the world a lot to see must-have features for the coming season, but this year we had to move outside the field and take inspiration from other places.

“Inspired by nature, nostalgia and the need for a tropical retreat, the residential areas will replicate the current state of affairs we face, and include soothing palettes of colors and familiar patterns that create a haven in any home.”

2. Sea colors

Aqua and dark blue give it a relaxed, sophisticated look that captures pleasant pools and a vacation by the sea. Benjamin Moore’s Shade of 2021 shows this shift towards a calm but trendy interior with Aegean Teal (above). A color known for belonging to calm, serenity and luxury.

Ocean blue is an important color pattern for the year. From deep hues of ink to squishy aquas, blue is the right color for creating a serene home.

3. Classical traditionalism

A timeless pattern is inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries and includes basic works of art, antiques, and items with a historical past. Traditional traditionalism brings harmony and order to any home, with a decor that works collectively.

It also favors the symmetry seen in squishy furniture that includes ornate scrolls, courtly stripes, and simple damasks. In a transfer of daring, graphic geometries, conventional and simple designs have become decisive features of the season, ”says Marie Parry, Head of Design at Prestigious Textiles.

Features Kemp’s Lounge above by Andrew Martin Inside Designer Evaluation Vol.24. See more in our feature: At Home at Equipment Kemp – and let yourself be impressed by their inimitable creativity

4. Shabby chic

This timeless pattern embodies light class and a sober sense of luxury. To recreate the texture of the worn opulence from scratch, try pairing new purchases with classic market finds.

Look for decorative furnishings that are like chandeliers and mirrors, but that have aged with character, and opt for furniture and textiles that feel inhabited. Chipped paintwork, lightweight materials, and blemishes add to the appeal.

5. French country chic

Fall in love with the brand new Gallic decorating fashions that combine shabby style furniture with sliding sheets and flea market finds.

6. Houseplants kitchen

You just have to look at Pinterest and Instagram to see that houseplants are by no means particularly trendy. From retro 1970s-style hanging climbing plants to sweeping, beautiful blooms, there’s sure to be a plant that goes with your fashion and home.

In the 1990s, indoor vegetation went out of fashion for a short time. However, we are happy to report that they are back again – they are not only beautiful, but also bring liveliness and color into our homes. But they also freshen the air, filter out pollutants and release oxygen.


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