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Vintage Engagement Rings for Your Engagement

Vintage Engagement Rings for Your Engagement

In few families, it is customary even in today’s time to wear something which is worn by our ancestors. It is a symbol of blessings and forwarded generation after generation within the family to intact family’s possession. Isn’t it great that we are gifted an ornament worn by our great grandmothers and still the grace of it are so enchanting and exquisite.

I believe, a girl admires her mother’s wedding dress way back when she was in her teens. She would wear her dress and walk recklessly and are filled with delight that someday she will wear the same attire or buy a dress resembling that. When she is an adult and there comes a surprise gift from her parents to wear the vintage ring on her marriage. It is so emotional.

A ring is denoted as Vintage if it is possessed before 1950. There are numerous Vintage Rings according to their structure, design and make.

Gregorian Ring, Victorian Ring, Edwardian Ring, Marquise Ring, Art deco Ring, Asscher Cut Ring and Amethyst Ring.

Gregorian Ring are found during the period 1700 to 1800. It is a marvellous work where another ring doesn’t resemble in any sort. It started the era of great style and ethnicity.

Victorian Ring illustrate the style and designs worn by Queen Victoria. It is during the period of 1800 to 1900. The ring are usually in yellow and rose gold. Fine work are taken into consideration as it is one of it kind.

Edwardian Ring resembles the art of romance. It is found in varying designs like ribbon, bird, lacey style and were popularized with its rock cut diamond work.

Marquise Ring were propagated in France. The ring has a cut of marquise.

Art Deco Ring are crafted in geometric design which resembles even today.

Asscher Cut Ring were founded by Asscher Brother of Holland in 1902. It is found in rectangular shape and are made with minute details.

Vintage Engagement Rings are made with sapphires, opal, pearls and emerald. It is of subtle structure and ensemble quality.

When we are thinking of purchasing an engagement ring, we tend to look for the Vintage one so that it stands out and look graceful. However, we need to take into account the validity of the make as it is available in an exorbitant price.

On a brighter side, a vintage ring holds so many memories which are cherished later.

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