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Wearing a blush wedding dress on your great day

Wearing a blush wedding dress on your great day

The wedding day is a day a lot of people look forward to and they always desire to look their best on this wonderful day. A recent trend that is becoming more popular with each passing week is the blush wedding dress. It gives a timeless, non-traditional, unique and romantic look and also fits well with wedding accessories and flowers. Here are some adjustment you should make when you want to use a blush wedding dress for your wedding.


You will have to consider the rest colors you will be using in your wedding if you are using a blush wedding dress. It is vital to ensure that all the other colors are able to complement your wedding dress. It is generally advisable that you opt for colors that have a low contrast, so that you are able to achieve a vintage look that is faded. For instance, you could go for ivory tulle or soft cream colors as opposed to using bright white colors. You can also use a veil that has a cream color to blend with your bright white gown.

Dresses for your bridesmaid

The dress for your bridesmaid is very important and you must therefore ensure that you also adjust them to complement with your blush wedding dress. You could opt for a robin’s egg blue color or other colors that will contrast your blush wedding dress. The jewelry for your bridesmaid could also be clear crystal, as it will go well with bridesmaid dress that will complement your wedding dress as well as your wedding dress. Generally you should opt for a bridesmaid dress that is simple while details or a silhouette that is interesting could be added to the blush wedding dress.


It is important that your decorations are also adjusted to fit with the blush dress that you are wearing. When the decorations are not properly done or are not of the right color for your blush wedding dress, then the decoration might look odd and spoil the perfect look of every other arrangements you have made in line with your blush wedding gown for your bridesmaid and for yourself.

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