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What to Know when Buying a Jade Necklace on the Market

What to Know when Buying a Jade Necklace on the Market

Jade is definitely a gemstone for jewelry making that has grown to be a toast to many jewelry users and those who are fans of jade in particular. The choice of a stone type such as jade is no doubted an option of quality and value, and you want to be careful to be sure you are buying the right type of jade from the market.

Check for the originality of jade

When buying a jade necklace, this is your first check. Though, it is much easier for experts to identify jade as being original. You can make a check as an individual to identify a fake from the original jade by carrying out a basic test on the product. Depending on the jade necklace size, jade is usually not a light component in its property. They are much denser in nature. Secondly and most important is a scratch check. If you discover the jade in the necklace is scratched or easily gets scratched when you tried it with your thumbnails, know that that is not a genuine one.

Necklace grade and quality

When buying your jade necklace, you should have in mind that jade varies in type and qualities differ as well for a necklace design. If you are buying a vintage jade of the jadeite quality from a location or an online store, the purity and clarity of the jade are most important in your pricing. With a darker green color on the jade is a mark of quality and higher value because of having much of higher iron content. For this, you may want to first check on the originality of the jade firsthand before going ahead with other examinations.

Where jade is cheap

Jade is cheaper at the source, which is in Asia, particularly Taiwan and Hong Kong. This is the region you can buy jade cheaply for use either in your necklace or to store as a value for future profit. You should be wary of imitations from some sellers who are just after your money for time.

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