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All about Chronograph Watch

All about Chronograph Watch

Essential Item

These days a watch is one of the most important items that almost everyone owns. There are several kinds and models in the market. Regardless if it is an analog chronograph watch or a digital type, it is a must to have. Originally, the basic function of the watches is to give you an update of the current time, especially if you need to catch up something or if they have an appointment within that day.

However, as time passes by, watches today have become more than just to provide time. Now, watches can perform other functions depending on their model and technology. Currently, there is already a stopwatch, which is used in any game or sports competition.

Fashion Item

In general, watches are well-known as fashion items that can add an ultimate classiness to anyone’s overall appeal. Hence, it is not a shock to find watches that come with luxurious prices.

The question now would be what is exactly an analog chronograph watch? First, it is best to understand analog. Some of the people today wouldn’t understand nor care about how it works. Though, it is greatly important to learn about the difference, so you will have better options to choose, especially if you have specific needs that you will be using this kind of watch.

You’ve heard the word analog before, but probably, you do not know anything about what exactly analog is. This kind of watch employs mechanical movement of one or more arms or pointers to designate the time while the word chronograph stands for a timepiece. Thus, it functions as a timekeeper and stopwatch, at the same time. Moreover, chronographs are normally more difficult than watches without the stopwatch attribute.

Types of Chronograph Watches

In addition, below is a list of the types of a chronograph watch.

  • A Tape Chronograph

This is the main type of chronograph that was employed to compute the time passed during horse races.

  • A Digital Chronograph

It has a digital display. This kind of watch requires the use of batteries that must be replaced once the battery wears off. It malfunctions with a higher frequency than an analog watch.

  • An Analog or Automatic Chronograph Watches

These watches are simply similar as digital chronographs but without the employment of batteries. They depend solely on kinetic energy obtained from the movement of the individual wearing them. They are more difficult and more complicated to manufacture than the digital watches. This is why they are more expensive than the digital watches.

  • Other Types

Furthermore, digital and analog chronograph watches and other types have split second and calendar chronographs as well as tachometer chronographs among other watches.

One thing that you should keep in mind chronograph should not be confused with a chronometer. The latter officially means it is a certified chronometer that has passed specific tests in order to be accredited. In short, all chronometers are chronographs. However, not all chronographs have qualified as chronometers.

Analog and digital chronograph watches are highly regarded as a fashion item for many customers today.

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