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Wrist watches – The timeless accessory

Wrist watches – The timeless accessory

A wrist watch is one of the most loved accessory for men and women alike. It shapes up one’s personality. Although mobile phones possess the functions of a clock, it is difficult to take away the charm of a wrist watch. They evoke a sense of nostalgia since we all remember our first ever wrist watch! In the earlier days, wrist watches were gifted to students for excelling in academics. They also make for a wonderful gifting options especially for weddings. Such is the versatility of a wrist watch.

Evolution of wrist – watches

With time, our beloved time keepers have also evolved and today, there are a plethora of options and styles to choose from. Besides showing time, watches have other features too such as timer, alarm settings, etc. depending on the make of the watch. Some of the watches are water and scratch resistant which makes them sturdy and durable.

Making a fashion statement

Wrist – watches make a very strong fashion statement. There are different styles and features of watches with a broad price range, thus catering to all class of people. High end luxury watches exude class while jewel encrusted watches are all about beauty and elegance. The high – end watch companies launch limited edition watches which are a collector’s delight.

Types of watches

There are so many things to consider while choosing a watch, both for yourself and as a gift to someone else. You must keep in mind the personality of the person while gifting a watch. When you are choosing a watch for yourself, you consider the utility, style and your own personality. Here are a few types of wrist watches which can help you choose your pick.

  1. Sports watches: There are watches specially for divers which are water resistant and have bright luminance. Chronograph watches, which are multi – functional are also suitable for sports.
  2. Luxury watches: These personify class and exclusiveness. Watch connoisseurs appreciate the hand – crafted timepieces full of intricacies. The ones encased in gems can be worn as a piece of jewellery too.
  3. Quartz watches: These are widely used watches. With solid durability and accuracy, these watches are chosen for everyday wear.
  4. Smart watches: You can wear your smart phone on your wrist. Once you connect the watch with your smartphone, you can choose the notifications that you want on your smart watch – emails, calls, messages, etc.

Wear it as a timepiece or as a piece of jewellery, wrist watch will never cease to go out of fashion.

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