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All the details about Purple Hoodie:

All the details about Purple Hoodie:

In earlier days, hoodies were considered as a warm-up gear only but when the time flies it is been also a style icon and today it is very much popular among all the generation. It can be fit on jeans and tees of every style and this outfit looks trendy as well.

Hoodie comes in variant style, weight and colors. Just like another all type of outfit, hoodies also have different styles. Here we have elaborated the fashion of hoodies.

-Pullover Hoodie:

This type of hoodie comes without zipper and some comes with other closure on front side so it is called as pullover. It also comes in various weights from light weight to heavy. Buyer can also buy without sleeves style with pockets or without it. Normally it comes in a single pocket on front side.

-Front Zip Hoodie:

Purple hoodie with front zip is light weight and comfortable. Zip goes from top to end of the zip hoodie. This is very easy to put on and off without messing your hairs. Front zip hoodies are available with no sleeves too.

-Quarter Hoodie:

Quarter zip hoodies is the middle ground of the pull over and front zip style of hoodies. It comes in pull over style that has a zipper which is very short on front side and goes up to collar so that you can zip down for loose the neckline.

-Sleeveless Hoodie:

Sleeveless hoodies are the most fashionable among men more than women. However, women look great in purple hoodie. It can be worn in warm weather also. Sometimes sleeveless hoodies can be worn without shirt underneath. In winter, people wear shirts or t-shirts underneath.

Consumers used to wear hoodies for sports and exercise only but in recent times it has been evolved in a fashion statement. Many manufacturers have jumped into a hoodies. Consumers can enjoy wearing it as it is very comfortable and stylist outfit.

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