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How to Choose Perfect Rain Coat

How to Choose Perfect Rain Coat

Rain coat is generally a water resistant or water proof coat. It can be wear to protect body from the rain. Recently there are so many brands of rain coat have launched their line with modern designs and fabrics. Now rain coats are more breathable, stylist, lighter in weight, more water resistant etc.

While there are various style of rain coats are available in the market.

Here we have discussed about the different style of rain coat which are available in the market.

Seam taping:

Since construction of rain coat required many seams, genuine rain coat should be fully packed in order to cover full body. Most of the rain coats are comes this way you just do not required to consider this type of seam tap while making buying decision.

Zippers style:

Zippers style rain coat come in zip from the opening front side. To stop entering of water inside, it requires rubberized coating inside of the zip. Some rain coat are available with coated zippers, it is also famous as laminated zippers. This is hard to zip up and zip down.

Hood Design:

There is several rain coats comes with hood attached. However, there is some fashion line which provides hood separately. It also covers face and hair for becoming wet. Hood designed rain coats are also add-on style. Some rain coat jackets are also having zip around the neck for adjusting the size and comfort.


No matter how comfortable and breathable your raincoat is, it gets tired during hard activity and gives you sweat inside. So now almost all companies’ rainwear has underarm vents so it can be breathable in hard time also. Some torso pocket has mesh liners which can be double.


Rain coat comes with pockets as well. That is very useful when it comes in waterproof zippers. It can be high in price. Some have more pockets and some have two hand pockets. Now many brands have started to put waterproof pocket and it has a cord port also so you can talk on phone or you can enjoy music players on the go. It is very hassle free even in the rain. Some travel jackets have hidden pockets so it is very hard to find for pickpockets.

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