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Antique Engagement Ring to signify lasting Union

Antique Engagement Ring to signify lasting Union

There is a lot of significance about antique engagement rings. Some believe the engagement ring should have their birthstone to bring them luck while others feel a diamond will bring them luck. Finally each person chooses an engagement ring as per his or her believes. The design of the engagement ring depends on two people the boy and the girl who chooses them for each other and will put it on the finger of the other on the engagement day.

The Benefit of Fine Engagement Rings

The standard width of antique engagement rings is 2.5mm and very often varies between 1.5 – 2.5mm. It also has a mixture of yellow gold, white gold, platinum with a diamond or precious stone in the centre. Fine engagement rings are light and easy to carry on the finger, especially when you have slender fingers.

Fine rings are very delicate and have to be handled with care but of course they look pretty on delicate fingers. The thickness and size of the ring also affects the price.

Different types of Engagement rings

It is a well-known fact that gold is a very soft metal and has to be alloyed with other metals when making jewellery, to make it strong for holding the settings. Purchasing an engagement ring is a very important occasion as it involves a lot of emotions. In the life of many young couples an engagement ring is the first important jewellery purchase.

24K carat gold is the most pure form of gold. In the olden days gold was mixed with copper which give it the yellow sheen. White gold is mixed with rhodium to give it the silvery shine.

Choosing a Vintage Engagement Ring of .80 Solitaire Diamond

This ring is made up of a single diamond weighing.80carat in the centre with fine single cut diamonds on the side and around. The .80 carat diamond is set in a square setting with finely cut diamonds sparkling around it. This slender ring looks beautiful on dainty fingers. You can enjoy the sparkle and glitter of diamonds on the ring that costs $4500.

If you want to buy antique engagement ring choose one which is slender and beautiful with a diamond or a ruby.

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