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Be the Envy of your Friends this summer with retro bathing suits

Be the Envy of your Friends this summer with retro bathing suits

Summer is already upon us, and if you want to enjoy this summer put on your retro bathing suits and go to the beach. The navy and white one piece is a beautiful swimsuit that will not let you pass by without a second glance. The bronze buttons, the tie in front bust line and the décolletage can get all the attention your way. This swimsuit presents a slim figure which no one will like to miss. The low cut bottoms which are short provide a beautiful contour.  So dress up for the beach in this swimsuit with a captain’s cap.

Unique Features of Retro Swimwear

If you compare with the modern swimming gear, retro swimwear is less revealing. It is perfect for women who are a little shy. To glamorize a beach outing a retro swimsuit is the best option. As summer follows winter all the fat that women have gained in winter due to less exercise is seen when they wear the modern two piece swimsuits and appear on the beach.

Retro bathing suits are the best as they reveal less and enclose the fat within the contours of the one piece swimsuit. A bad shape and extra fat is taken care of by the retro swimsuit.

A High Waist Two Piece Tankini

If you want to enjoy this summer you can join your friends on the beach with a tankini two piece. It is neither too revealing nor concealing providing you with a very shapely figure. The top has beautiful floral print with soft thick straps, underwired cubs with moulded finish with a hook at the back. The bottom has mesh finish in front with gathers to give a comfortable top up for the tummy.

The Best of Retro Swimwear

Some of the retro swimwear that is available today hugs you in the right places showing a beautiful figure. In retro bathing suits you have bikinis which are high waisted, halter neck swimsuits which are luxurious and shapely bathing suits that can present a beautiful figure, so why not choose a retro bathing suit and stand out in the crowd?

If you are thinking of buying a swim suit, choose a one piece retro bathing suit that can present your figure to advantage.

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