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Beautiful Framed Bathroom Mirror Design

Beautiful Framed Bathroom Mirror Design Ideas

When I was assembling my house, I spent weeks thinking about every detail. The flood of questions, conclusions, and issues felt like it wasn’t going to end.

In search of creative inspiration, I staged many series domiciles and searched through ideas books and magazines. I’ve scoured online websites to come up with a selection of ideas that will allow me to use my funding to create a welcoming space that is a pleasure to return home to.

After I felt comfortable planning my new kitchen, it was time and energy for you to turn to the master bathroom. I chose my bathtub and countertops, faucets and tiles. I worked with my furniture company to design the vanities. I informed my builder of these conclusions I had drawn and looked forward to that day. That I can use my new bathroom. What did I want to use? I knew I didn’t want a simple flat glass mirror on the wall. However, the hanging pillows I saw were too small for everyday use.


I switched to my idea books and saw a trend emerging. The bathrooms that felt most warm and warm had framed wall lighting, perfect! How do I get it done though? There were no talks with my carpenter and cabinet man. Either way, I couldn’t get the gallery framing the look of moldings and color choices. Worse, the price may not have been friendly. Back to do a little research and find the answer.

After doing some research, I discovered a few vendors that offer custom mirror frames that hook into an existing wall mirror. They are tailored to their mirror size and come in a variety of styles and finishes. I decided to try it out. My builder and that I was dependent on a mirror size and placed my order.

A few days later a beautiful frame arrived with all the pieces and pieces. I had to transform my mirror. Then it was time for you to install. I was amazed how easy it was. And the bottom line and details that the new frame added to my master bath was amazing. I had indeed created a look worth these idea books that reveals houses!

We all love our new house and especially our beautiful modern bathroom. Adding frames to your makeup mirror was the finishing touch. The thing about these custom made frames is that they are great for mirrors in homes. If you want to give your bathroom style, you can quickly and cheaply design a mirror with an individual frame. In fact, it’s the right time to frame this mirror in my kids’ bathroom as I’ve calmed down completely!

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