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Clever Hidden Storage Ideas for Solutions
at Home

Clever Hidden Storage Ideas for Solutions at Home

Maybe your home is small, or maybe your set of materials matters. You crammed every closet, every single shelf full and every drawer filled.

What else can you do?

As a professional storage system organizer and developer, I’ve learned that the first step in maximizing space is always to minimize the pointless clutter. But let’s say you’ve cut your entire set down to being very sentimental and necessary. If so, the time is right to develop into a little explorer. Your goal is not exotic artifacts or stone cubes, but another hidden treasure – additional storage space! Start with the five most “hidden” memory areas listed below! And see how many storage treasures you can see around the house.

1. The back of the cabinet door

One of the very noticeable hidden storage areas will also be one of the least used. About 50 percent of all customers I use do not use this space. Even the back of the closet door can be a great place to hang and store shoes, hats, and accessories. There are a variety of approaches to making the most of normally hidden space from coat hooks to canvas bags that can hold many pairs of sneakers.

2. There’s a whole closet under your bed!

The underbed area is often missed or busy. Instead of treating the room as a mostly hidden manure drawer. Let’s find another place for the school bowling decorations and also the 5 year tax receipts! This is a great idea once your lack of closet space calls for changing your laundry from season to season.

3. These handy shelf components that fit on and above your toilet

This can be placed almost anywhere to suit your interior and offers everything from simple shelves to glass cabinet doors. Depending on the character purchased, they can be used to store towels, toiletries, makeup, and much more.

4. The garage workers often work with an area in their garage – due to

Many homes have garages that are 9 to 10 feet high, and for some there is room three or even two feet above their car or truck. Many storage product manufacturers today sell overhead storage racks designed to hold any boxes of Christmas decorations on lawnmowers. Some are armed to both raise and lower your platform, making this solution ladder-free and back-friendly.

5. Stored luggage

It has been my storage weapon for all these years. Years ago, my partner and I bought a whole bunch of large suitcases to travel overseas. If they worked great on vacation, they became an enormous waste of space at home. Over the years we’ve used our largest, infrequently-used suitcases to store out-of-season clothes, Christmas gifts, books, and crockery while moving.

Since you’ve already given a newcomer’s guide to finding storage treasures, lace up your boots, grab your binoculars, and determine what unfamiliar storage space to find in your home!

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