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Comfy Farmhouse Living Room Design and
Decor Ideas

Comfy Farmhouse Living Room Design and Decor Ideas

The kitchen and open plan living area are designed in a country style which makes it an inviting and warm center of your own home. The focal point of your kitchen would be your wall with a carved tribal. Even the saree curtains on the cupboard under the spout add an eclectic touch of the span. The kitchen and family area are all designed for relaxed get-togethers with family and friends. Soft colors of white and crimson, the living room contains chai tables along with cushions scattered on the carpet. The Haveli door table is placed and brings warmth and light into the house. The centerpieces are corbels, which are highlighted with foliage and old forests.

The bedroom has a wooden Kama Sutra headboard. The hand-woven cotton bed linen matches the bed. Transparent saree curtains are sewn over the mattress surface, which offer an enchanting texture. The high curtains make your room look bigger. A garage door slide from Indian doors provides the necessary announcement. The main bathroom is a peaceful resting place, along with carvings on the wall at the end of the beach that can be compared to a table. The double sinks, which were created from a large Haveli door sideboard, have a granite top and practical drawers. The reclaimed walnut wood floor lasts from the bedroom to the toilet.

The hall contains a hanging window which, unlike abstract painting, is a mirror image. This also offers a greater illusion of distance and additionally deserves the section of nature. A lower hope chest completes the blue decoration.

The aged seat from the entrance area brings a bit of country house style. The point is really a 3-arch Jharokha mirror, reminiscent of village days. The long console in containers has extravagant structures. Wooden beams and an architectural curve give the room a style. Fashionable bookshelves full of traveling collections and china add texture to the structure.

Chic style and design play a role in this living area. A wooden dining table made of doors conveys the heart of this room. At the end of this desk sits a wrought-iron wagon seat. A collage of architecture, country style interiors and design is complete and comfortable.

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