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Different ways to wear your Lariat Necklaces

Different ways to wear your Lariat Necklaces

Lariat can be generally defined as a long rope that normally has a noose that is used for catching animals. As a jewelry piece, a lariat necklace is a long chain strand that sometimes has stones that are semi-precious. There are instances where it comes with a clasp like most other necklace ties. If you do not know how to wear a lariat necklace or you are looking for new ways, here are some ways to wear it.

As a scarf

You can experiment tying your lariat necklace around your neck like a scarf. In this case, you can wound it round your neck once and then allow the 2 ends of the necklace to just hang on both sides of your neck. You can change the appearance of the lariat on your neck by changing how tight the necklace is hanging around your neck. You could get the appearance of wearing a necklace that is loose or a choker. You can further change the position of the wrapping, so that the loose ends are hanging backwards. Try this with a backless or low back dress or top and you will achieve a look that is striking.

As a tie

You can also use a plain style of lariat necklace as a tie. You should be careful if you have any stones or crystals such as diamond on it, so that they do not fall off. Even though there are many tie styles, just wrapping an end around another and putting it through the resulting loop is simple and good enough.

As a bracelet

Your lariat necklace could also make a nice looking bracelet. If it has a long strand, you can wrap it from the elbow to your risks and then tie it in such a way that you achieve dangling edges. You would achieve a new type of cuff bracelet with it. You can also wrap it around your wrist alone and it will look as though you are wearing many bracelets at once. This can come in handy when you don’t want your hand to be bare.

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