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Why Should You Choose A Diamond Ring Over A Topaz Ring?

Why Should You Choose A Diamond Ring Over A Topaz Ring?

Both topaz and diamond are naturally existing stones. Both of them are organic materials and are grown and fostered for zillions of years. Now, the question is which is better? Is it topaz? Or is it diamond?

Diamond Is Harder Than Topaz

On the hardness scale, topaz measures the number 8 whereas, diamond gets a whopping 10. Thus, it becomes clear from this that diamond is harder than topaz. With time, topaz gets scratched away easily, leaving it lustreless, by taking all of its shine and brightness. On the other hand, neither do diamonds get scratched ever and nor do they lose their lustre and become pale. Therefore, diamonds are long-lasting, whereas topaz is not. So, if you ever find yourself in a dilemma over topaz ring and diamond ring, with eyes closed simply go for diamond.

Glitter And Shine

Wedding rings are something that are worn regularly. Because of this reason, you would need such a gemstone that would be able to take the harshness of day to day life. You would definitely want such a gemstone that would never cease to shine and glitter. Diamonds belong to this quota. White topaz might look magnificent and blazing but, this glare is not something to last forever. Within a few days of your wearing the topaz ring, scratches would be seen on the surface and slowly its lustre would fade away.And moreover, a simple and plain cleaning with foam and toothbrush can bring back the diamond’s shimmer. On the other hand, the topaz ring has to be professionally re-rubbed to make it like the one when you first bought it.


Do not go merely by the sparkle and lustre of the ring. Contemplate whether the stones would look clean after washing the dishes, what would happen if suddenly you get busy with your job and did not get any time to clean your ring? For everyday wear, it is recommended to choose a diamond over a topaz ring, as diamonds gleam and last for a prolonged period of time. And also, it can stand the rigorous routine of everyday life.

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