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Distinctive Features Of Titanium Engagement Rings

Distinctive Features Of Titanium Engagement Rings

Titanium engagement rings are getting popular day by day because of their shining appearance, light features, maximum durability and their reasonable price.

What Type of Titanium is Best for Titanium Wedding Bands?

For the making of titanium engagement rings, the suitable type is commercially pure titanium that is 99.9% unadulterated. This type of titanium is obtainable between grades 1 to 4; but, for making engagement rings, grades 2- 4 is the best choice. The constituents of titanium may be altered by combining it with additional metals. The softest type of titanium is the grade 1 while grade 4 is the hardest one.

 Titanium Wedding Bands – Pros

The longevity and stability of titanium engagement rings are long-lasting. Titanium engagement rings are totally and completely safe to wear as they are allergy-resistant, and won’t cause any eruption and rashes in the body. These rings are also water-resistant.

Titanium is also a very poor conductor of heat and electricity – so if the ring is exposed to heat it will not become hot. And while titanium is extremely strong, it is also very light in weight.

These rings are within easy reach as they range from very reasonable pricing to expensive ones, depending upon their quality.


Since titanium is enchased with metals, it is very hard to mould it to different designs and shapes. Because of this, styles and designs of titanium engagement rings are too much restricted. However, some of the women’s rings are made in contemporary styles as well.

Shopping Tips for Titanium Wedding Bands

Go with retailers that provide one month refund scheme. Make sure that the rings are resizable. If not, then check if they give a policy of lifetime exchange so that, if the size of finger changes in future, then you can just swap the ring.These rings need to be handled carefully as even a single scratch can make the polish fade and come out. As for the size, 4 – 6 mm is perfect for women and a minimum 6 – 8 mm to a maximum 8 – 10 mm is appreciable for men.

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