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Tennis Bracelet: Don’t Go By The Name

Tennis Bracelet: Don’t Go By The Name

Tennis bracelets are arranged in minute gemstones, such as diamonds, which are linked with one another into atapered chain.These bracelets are solely made up of gems and they have decoration and ornamentation on them. However, the definition of these bracelets differs from one jeweller to another. Any pattern which employs a recurrent set of diamonds can be called a tennis bracelet.

How did the Tennis Bracelet get its name?       

The tennis bracelet got its name from Chris Evert, the world championship tennis player, who had worn it in her matches in 1987. During one such match, the bracelet’s string broke off, and it fell from her wrist. The game was halted until she could find her bracelet. In this way, the name ‘tennis bracelet’ was invented.

Bracelet Design

These bracelets are simple, yet funky. There are various styles available for this bracelet. The bracelet’s style depends on the following factors:

  • Shape of the stone – In addition to circular diamonds, rectangular or square shaped diamonds and emeralds are also used.
  • Choice of Stone – Although, diamondsare the most favoured gemstone for tennis bracelets, a variety of styles can also include stones which are not so valuable as compared to the precious ones and can also include birthstone.
  • Kind of Metal Used – White, yellowand  gold are the most desired metals used for these bracelets, even though different kinds of gold such as sage and rose can also be found. For very hefty and expensivebracelets, Platinum is often used as it is more firm and taut.

How costly are these bracelets?

The final price of tennis bracelet depends mainly on the carat weight of the diamonds. Majority of these bracelets range between 300 dollars and 4000 dollars. The final cost is also affected by the quality of these diamonds. While the certified and verified stones cost more, the normal stones with a comparatively poor quality are inexpensive. Various coloured and shades of diamonds can also be used in making a distinctivepiece. But, its cost in this case would be much higher than the ordinary bracelets.

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