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How to Tie Dye Shirts that are Old

How to Tie Dye Shirts that are Old

Tie-dying is the most important and regularly use the terminology used for resisting dyeing. The process comprises of folding and twisting fabrics with strings or rubber bands and later putting a dye on them. Applying fabric before dye is said to be resisting because they prevent the dye from coloring the fabrics. More sophisticated dyes include additional procedures to be done including stitching and discharges. The dyes are almost American and when you tie-dye shirts, you will be fearing of colors they may leave on your shorts, so do not be sad because if you do it with care, it won’t happens. Let us have a discussion regarding dying a shirt properly.

Shirt should be Fit for Dying

The shirt should be fit for dying and must meet necessary requirements. Almost, all of the shirts, which are 100% cotton seem best for dying but it is ok to use 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Even if you have 100% polyester, it will work but it is best to have 100% cotton shirt for best dying.

Choosing your Dyes

You can tie dye shirts using any good dying kits available in the market. These kits can be purchased very easily from any of the craft stores, which comprise of almost everything you need. The kits include gloves, rubber bands, urea, and perfect and easy instructions to follow. All of the dyes are already provided in squeezed bottles where you only need to have a warm water, which should not be very hot. Other alternate products include purchasing single packets of dyes including cream soda ash and mixing instructions. Sometimes, you will be needing squeeze bottles if you are not given along. If you are not comfortable with pre-packed kits, you can do this all yourself. You will be needing protein dyes, rubber bands, rubber gloves, and squeezing bottles for best dyeing. Moreover, soda ash and urea will also be needed. Do not make the process messy and do it with ease.

Soak the Shirt  and Joining the Band

Soak the solution in warm water and soda ash for almost 10 minutes and follow the instructions given. Then put the rubber band after making a pie shape. Cover working place with plastic clothes or any plastic material. Finally, apply the die and wait for almost 24 hours to let the process finish.

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