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Types of opal jewelry

Types of opal jewelry

It is important for a person to be aware of different types of opal jewelry that exist. Being aware of these types might not be enough but a person should go an extra mile by being aware of the features of each and every type. This will enable an individual to choose the best jewelry. In this case the term best is contemporary because what one person might see as being the best might not arouse the same feeling in another person. The types of opal jewelry depend on the type of opal used in making them. Understanding the types of opals will be a stepping stone towards understanding the jewelries that are made from them. The common types include the following:

Black opal

This is the first type of opal which is cherished by the largest number of people. This results from the fact that its value is extremely high. In fact it is the highest when compared to other types of opal. Due to the value attached to it, it is also the most expensive type of opal. Its background is dark especially when viewed from above.

There are some forms of black opal which come with red color dominating them. Apart from this one there are other shades whose cost increases with an increase in the sharpness of the color.

Crystal opal

The second type of opal used in making opal jewelry is characterized by its translucent nature. This comes in different colors and when a person decides to for jewelry from this material they will have a wide array of choices from which the best decision has to be made.

Jewelry made from this opal is of high quality and is loved by many people across the world.

Milky opal

As the name suggests this type of opal has an appearance that is similar to the color of milk. In most cases its background is pale or white and can display a green or blue pin-fire. This is one of the types that people like because of its appearance. Its bright nature happens to be appealing to a very large number of people who go for opal.

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