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Ideas to Update Your Living Room With a

Ideas to Update Your Living Room With a Theme

Decorate the house with a theme

As you walk through different show homes, you don’t see a “theme” in the sense of roosters or chili peppers, but you would see a cohesive home design look throughout.

In other words, if someone has chosen a Tuscan home style, the best look would be one where all the rooms use jewel tones, luxurious decorations and furnishings with an Italian look and feel. This will represent the entire house in such a way that it looks like the homeowner has spent a fortune to have a professional decorate it.

Therefore, when decorating your home in the Tuscan style, we recommend sticking to one “theme” for the main rooms, which includes the living room, kitchen, dining room, study, study, family room and hall bathroom. For the bedrooms and private bathrooms, it is best to stick to the same color palette and use the same design elements. Nevertheless, with these rooms you would have a little more freedom to adapt the rooms to the personality and preferences of each person.

When you are thinking of decorating your home with a theme

The goal is to adopt an idea that would motivate and impress. And then repeat it all over the house. Of course, you can add home accessories to any room to make it unique, but stick with the general idea. The result is a home with a consistent style, exactly what you get with a model home.

For example, if you love a rustic look, use certain materials and colors. For this style, colors like rust, brown, tan, red, orange, yellow, and even black would work best, and for items, black wrought iron, dark wood, stools, chili peppers or taps, etc. would work. However, when decorating your home with a modern style to look like a model house, glass, stainless steel, and items with clean lines are used throughout the house.

In a themed house, one goal is to create a mood that should reflect the style, but also your personality and personal preferences. With the form, your home would quickly take on the same characteristics that you would see in a model home.

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