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Is it really worth the effort to produce handmade bracelets?

Is it really worth the effort to produce handmade bracelets?

It is possible that you have sometime in the past received or bought an item that is completely handmade. Normally, handmade products are generally more costly due to the extra materials, efforts and time that were invested in making them. A very popular product whose handmade types are very much appreciated is jewelries such as the bracelets. Bracelets that are handmade from clay, polished wood, plastics, crystals and other less expensive items are more costly than those other mass produced bracelets or other normal consumer products made from them. The same applies to bracelets made from more expensive materials. Here are some reasons why handmade bracelets are more expensive than those that are not handmade.

Design Flexibility

Individuals involved in handmade bracelets always pride their selves about their final product being their own personal design and not those of an anonymous faceless designer. They are able to make customized and flexible designs by using the various available materials including plastics, crystals, metals and gemstones. Furthermore, individuals could easily approach them and request for what materials and what styles of jewelry they want. These make the handmade bracelet more valuable than those that are mass produced.

Product Uniqueness

During mass production of bracelet, a machine reproduced a particular style of bracelet several times. This is however not the case with handmade bracelets as the designer often have to personally have to work based on a particular design for each bracelet types. Even when he creates bracelets that are similar, there will be a little tweak in the color, pattern or other features that will generally make it different from others. The fact that scarce or unique products are usually more costly applies to handmade bracelets, making them more expensive than other bracelets that are not handmade.

Great for gift

When individuals want to give very impressive gifts, they often opt for handmade bracelets or other handmade items. This is due to the value that is placed on it. A lot of people also go out of their ways to tell the jeweler what type of handcrafted bracelet they want and from what materials they should be made, based on the preference of the person they want to gift it to.

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