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Make a Uniqueness of your Gold Jewelry by Using White Gold Rings

Make a Uniqueness of your Gold Jewelry by Using White Gold Rings

Rings are fashionable ornaments worn by both men and women alike either for daily dressing or for occasions that may call for the use of one. The designs of rings can come in various metal designs in diverse styles, colors, and patterns. Gold usually comes in mixtures that come with the name of gold attached. White gold rings are examples of such mixtures.

Metals for ring designs

There is a wide range of metals for making different forms of rings on the market. Some of these are:

  • Palladium- This is a white precious metal in the platinum family.
  • Platinum- This is the most popular white precious metal suited for wedding rings and engagements.
  • Silver- one of the common precious metals that are very popular for jewelry making. It is very affordable. It needs to be constantly plated to retain its shine.
  • Titanium- This is very good metal for jewelry production for its toughness and durability properties.

The choice of white gold rings

Just like the metals above, white gold rings are made of white gold metals. White gold rings are pure gold metals that are plated with white metals like platinum. Rhodium is the most used form of platinum that is used for making a white gold ring. With this, the gold is both hardened and has reduced measure of carat of gold in it. So, white gold is an alloy that is so made to keep the good and bright white luster of the product.

Choosing a white gold ring to buy

When buying your white gold rings, there are some factors that you would want to be mindful of so you are sure you are buying exactly what you intended. The amount of gold purity in relation with the metal alloys will help to know the value of your product. For the standard gold composition, the 10, 14 and 18 carat gold is common. The size of the wearer will also help in making a choice for the suitable type that would make a right fit for whom you are buying it for.

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