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Maxi Skirts Ideal for Formal Functions

Maxi Skirts Ideal for Formal Functions

Maxi skirts are ideal for formal functions they add style and elegance. Matching them with a good blouse and high heels can make you chic. You can be trendy with a maxi skirt that is well tailored and matched with a trendy sleeveless blouse and high heeled shoes. Maxi skirts are available in different designs, some are flare, some are fitting with draw strings and slits on either side while others have a long slit behind.

Use Maxi Skirts and be Trendy

A long skirt is a good investment as it converts you to a fashionable girl next door. Long skirts can be eye-catching, funky, bold as well as cute. You will be able to flaunt your legs in a very sensuous way with a maxi skirt with slits on either side with draw strings. The soft fabric clings to the body presenting a shapely figure. The skirt can be matched with a tube top for a weekend party.

A long chain necklace and earnings can present an attractive finish. The skirt is made of polyester crepe with spandex of knit cotton. The material stretches and provides a slim fit. The drawstrings are an added attraction.

Maxi Skirts of Velvet

Highlight your fashion sense with maxi skirt of velvet. It has an elastic waist with a slit behind to make it cute and attractive. This grey skirt can be highlighted with black suede shoes with high heels. This material clings to the body providing a shapely figure. A white blouse with draw strings behind can complete the set.

This fashionable skirt is available for just $ 60. And you can be a trendsetter for the party this weekend with this lovely outfit. Top it up with necklace and pendant earrings.

Ruched Side Maxi Skirt

If you like to attend the party on the weekend and stand out among your friends then a ruched side maxi skirt will be a good option. Match it with a short blouse which reaches the bend of the skirt. Highlight it with a necklace with a pendant to match the skirt and matching earrings.

If you like to be the belle of the ball with a maxi skirt then choose any of the ones mentioned above.

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