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Why you should have a mechanical watch in your wardrobe

Why you should have a mechanical watch in your wardrobe

A watch is a small personal clock usually worn on one’s wrist or sometimes carried in the pocket. Simply put, a watch is a timepiece worn by people. They are usually designed to maintain their course of working irrespective of the motions that might be caused by the wearer’s activities. Wrist watches are specially designed to be worn on the wrist while they have been attached to a bracelet or watch strap.

Ancient ways of measuring time

In time past, the prehistoric man tells and measures the time by observing the stars and sun, changes of the weather, day and night amongst others. They were however using this medium as a necessity and yardstick for planning their normal nomadic activities and feasts and so on. However, some of the earliest devices for measuring time where water clock and sundial. Nowadays, one of the easiest ways of telling time is through the use of watches. There are however different types of watches. While some are mechanical, others are electronic in nature.

Mechanical watch

When we talk of a mechanical watch, we are talking of those types of watches that uses caliber as their mechanism to determine how time passes unlike the present day quartz clock that functions electronically. Usually, they are driven by mainspring which wounds periodically. The secret of the mechanical watch is in the gears that transmit a force that controls and moves the balance wheel. One of their major weak points is that they are not typically accurate as the modern electronically operated watches and it is required that one cleans them periodically through the services of a competent watchmaker or experts in such fields. Usually, they are purchased for their aesthetics and also for the greatness of the fine craftsmanship that they possess.

The quest for mechanical watch

One might be out rightly tempted to ask: why the high demand for mechanical watches as compared to the automatic ones? However, from time immemorial watch enthusiasts have discovered the there are great differences between the two. Furthermore, these differences are not necessarily included in the aesthetics they provide this is because both are aesthetical in nature. The major advantages are that a mechanical watch is more fancifully designed with transparent glasses and dependable compared to the automatic ones.

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