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Modern Wall Decor Ideas with a Planter

Modern Wall Decor Ideas with a Planter

Modern wall decor ideas: Wall decorations can be something that will add life to your home. No, you have to follow strict guidelines, do it in your inventive approach. Below are the nontraditional decorations I happily recommend to bring your wall to life: Styrofoam wall art, assorted plates, blankets, removable wall graphics, floating wall cabinets, screens, stained glass, wood, plant walls, and oversized buttons.

Decorating your home wouldn’t be the standard pattern. It would be okay if you used something in an artistic approach to produce something out of the ordinary. I want to share with you some recommended wall decorations that I find unmatched:

Stained glass

To make a chic impression, stained glass as a wall decoration is the precise alternative. While not that strange, this type of wall art offers a new look.


Birch wood and bamboo are sculptural images that are presented in such a way that they float.

Polystyrene murals

This wall art is the product of lightweight materials that is so versatile that it can be displayed anywhere. The material can be changed depending on the type of art you want to produce.

Varied plates

In general, maintaining an outdated range like plates in a kitchen cabinet is an excellent suggestion. You can stick them on the wall at random for a placement effect.


As a replacement for traditional wallpaper, you’ll need to use a framed ceiling or perhaps some everyday material as wall covering. You want to decide on the exact topic that fits your overall mindset.

Removable wall graphics

Vinyl decals are a removable design that can be placed anywhere on your wall. Numerous shapes to choose from, such as sayings, numbers and various individual designs. This gives you the option of deleting and resetting at any time.

Floating wall shelf

Works, ornaments and clocks are the result of bizarre wall decorations; Try something way out of the bizarre like a floating wall shelf. You can help; However, do another exam to see if it really floats.

Foldable screen

If you don’t have a clean wall to brighten up, a folding screen is different. You can discover all the changes by choosing the best design that can be placed in a single corner of your home.

Solid button

The striking decor, which is available in an unusual design, is the oversized button for a set of 5. These buttons are available in all sizes, shapes and colors – and all for less than 34.99 euros.

Plant wall

At opulentitems.com, a unique approach to showing plants is to frame them against a wall to make them appear very confined.

The 5 most important advantages of a planter together with metal wall pots

The planter is ideal! Please use it as an ornament, both indoors and outdoors. They are a great way to spice up different areas of your home, such as: B. the wall inside your house or your terrace outside. Even so, you won’t be optimistic about why it is best to choose any other decor. Below are some of the key benefits:

1. You are tempting

Planters can spice up different areas of your home. For example, adding a wall or two to your house could make the wall and room extra alluring. Use them to create focal points in the room. You can also use it as an accent to enhance other decorations on or next to the wall. While a real planter for plants, wall planters for the awesome can enjoy their own container!

2. Can be used with or without plants

By definition, the grower’s authentic goal was to bring the plant back to life. Wall planters differ significantly as their primary goal is ornament. Even so, you can add real or synthetic flowers or foliage to add extra strength to it. Nevertheless, wall planters can also work perfectly without harvesting. The color and splendor of planters can liven up any room!

3. Indoor and outdoor

You can put wall planters on the inside and outside walls of your home. Integrating them into the interior of your home can liven up uninteresting walls and rooms. You could just as easily add them to your deck and back yard for an identical effect. The flexibility of a wall planter makes it the right wall decoration.

4. Robust planters

Manufacturers produce planters with a wide variety of sturdy supplies. Metal and wood are usually the most typical. One of the many main advantages of using this sturdy material is that you can attach the planter both indoors and outdoors. This is usually a welcome asset, whether you want to animate a selected room in your home or create an analog effect for a patio, patio, garden, etc. In these difficult financial opportunities, we are looking for added value than ever. Fortunately, this product is made to the end – and definitive and definitive for a very long time.

5. Accessible online

As our everyday lives get busier, this can be a welcome asset. We will stay away from visitors, stand by and be ready to open the store. Web procurement makes discovering wall decorations easier than ever. With several clicks of the mouse we will browse and choose the wall planter that best suits our needs!

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