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Rustic Bathroom Farmhouse Design Decor

Rustic Bathroom Farmhouse Design Decor Ideas

How can I make my bathroom look rustic?

Whether it’s the look of a rustic home decor, it’s real, or just the feel of a comfortable rustic decor, it all boils down to the texture. Rustic decorating ideas for the bathroom include reclaimed wood, rough stone, cast iron, and galvanized metal. All of these materials are natural materials that add character to your rustic space. Of course with a special touch that looks less polished, which is precisely why the result feels so unique. And if you use it in your master bathroom, it will have a big impact with just a few subtle elements.

If you are used to seeing sparkling tiles in the bathroom, you will immediately focus on the antique garden stairs or the shelves made of recycled wood used as towel rails in your bathroom. Not sure to try a rustic style with larger design elements like reclaimed wood accent walls, decorative beams, or heavy wrought iron fittings? It comes in handy when you are sure that this idea can transform your bathroom into a historic cottage and even a mountain vacation.

Lighting your bathroom should be a concern that you shouldn’t forget. Your bathroom will look dark if you don’t forget about the nature of the natural materials that you use in your bathroom. Due to the rough, unpolished texture, the natural material hardly reflects light compared to polished materials such as shiny tiles. To reflect more light, you can enlarge your makeup mirror and use some chalk on the reclaimed wood to keep it bright and light in your bathroom. Check out these interesting rustic bathroom design ideas so you can get excited!

1. Mixed rustic bathroom mirrors with modern ones

Combining these two elements is as easy as making a cake! Add rustic charm to your modern bathroom with this rustic make-up mirror with a wooden frame. The mirror character gives this previously new and modern bathroom a rustic look. Peasant lights and ceiling tables create an additional layer of warmth and comfort that combines this rustic ambience in a modern way.

2. Combination of modern rustic style

These are white tiles with black motifs, white walls and worktops, two shower niches with undercounter sinks, medium-tone wooden cabinets and a shaker cabinet. Add charm with two mirrors and unique lighting with three lights on each mirror. The combination of modern wall hangings makes this mix of modern and rustic styles even more impressive. Are you interested in replacing your bathroom with this rustic design model?

3. Wood and white rustic, relaxed bathroom

This December (2020) ends soon. Perhaps you are still on vacation or have just returned from an annual vacation. The relaxed nuance of your holiday home is rounded off by a modern rustic furnishing style. Try installing thick wood wall shelves with branches arranged in a star shape to be the beauty of a pleasant holiday season. A towel basket and a bathroom decoration template with a large mirror under fluorescent tubes enhance the rustic look of a brown wardrobe with a roll of paper towel attached to the side. This is great for small rustic toilets that don’t take up a lot of space.

4. Mason jar candles and rustic wood features

For those looking for a modern country house look, decorating your modern bathroom with a touch of gray and white provides the perfect rustic feel. After your vacation, imagine again some of the items in your hands like that mason jar. You can turn any remaining jars into unique things that will decorate and light up your bathroom. Yes, here is this awesome mason jar lighting idea. Love your earth by reusing ingredients from the farmhouse.

5. Metal, blue and rustic bathroom decor

Try to combine the furnishing style of your family bathroom with industrial pendant lights that create a modern yet elegant look. Add a rustic wooden frame to the perfectly round shape of the mirror. Please take advantage of the narrow space by using it as a shelf in the unit that holds all of your bathroom accessories. Combine white, brown natural wood tones and pressed blue until they are perfectly coordinated. Elegant storage is visible because you hide everyday items in a wooden cabinet in a no-door style. This modern toilet with a neat and comfortable rustic feel is worth your bet.

6. Modern meets rustic

No matter which part of the country you live in, everyone can enjoy the beauty and charm of a country house bathroom. Combine the warmth and beauty of the mountain region with a few decorations like a white deer headdress, small houseplants and a memorable photo on the wall. Sink niche in a white countertop above a brown cabinet. It neatly blends the black and blue striped walls into the overall picture of the room. White shelves with metal supports add a rustic touch to this modern bathroom. And all your belongings are neatly tucked away in a closet with towels on the bottom shelf.

7. Vintage Corner Catchall Rustic Bathroom Hub

Make the most of your bathroom and, despite the corner of your bathroom, don’t waste an inch from top to bottom. The floating shelf is always being redesigned to reach a towel rail where you can place your everyday items. The countertop with a smooth sink recess adds storage space by being an ideal place for any extra things you need to store. The white bathtub complements the bathroom with wooden windows with unpolished stone walls and creates a mountain feeling combined with modern rustic. Flowers on a metal basket adorn the master bathroom with a glass enclosed shower. The brownstone floor underlines the pretty rustic atmosphere and is even more impressive with the pendant and rod lights. Increase the attractiveness of your rustic bathroom with a warm brown wooden ceiling.

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