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Simple Wall Plants Decor Ideas

Simple Wall Plants Decor Ideas

Are you looking for decoration to grow plants and trees indoors or outdoors? Now is the best time to narrow down your options with this roundup of plants and trees that are not only easy to care for but also valuable as structure:

Symbolic lasting happiness and victory due to their innate durability, strength and ability to grow quickly. The lucky bamboo plants try to balance the five (5) natural elements of feng shui in your office or home i.e. wood, metal, soil and water, and fire, each of which can be reflected. From the plant itself, glass vase or plate, stones, water, together with the crimson ribbon. Bamboo plants expanded into shapes or could be implanted as stems.

Place your lucky bamboo plant next to a glass vase (or ceramic vase with a coin) filled with natural river stones for support and also at least an inch of low-chlorine drinking water and also combine a red ribbon around the glass vase. Feed them when you can keep their origins healthy. Place bamboo plants in a shaded area in an office or home where you want to encourage blessings for harmony and happiness, such as your home room or small business countertop. Back in Asia, tying ribbons on the stem of this bamboo plant can be easily practiced during the New Year. So they were put together with other items that look promising on a dining table, such as metal.

The plant, too, has traditionally been viewed for wealth in several civilizations since the plant emblem. It is often grown as a bonsai in Asian homes, industrial plants and gardens as it can be grown into a beautifully manicured bonsai. It is traditionally used in the style of these jade miniature gem trees of Asia, or also the artificial plant decoration with leaves that can be formed from jade.

Even the plant contains coin- or even egg-shaped succulent leaves of Jadeite’s colors, which got their name from jade and currency shrub. It is also put in the corner of your home, restaurant or office or entrance area to boost the electricity and energy of dollars. As an outdoor or indoor plant, placed in an area where it can take in sunlight, watered to preserve their land, moist plants can grow and dirt and dust can also be removed from their leaves. You can add pebbles in addition to this dirt.

The Pachira Aquatica is famous as a Chinese currency shrub due to its 5-lobed hand-shaped leaves, which are considered blessed in Asia and are associated with the five (5) Feng Shui aspects of water, earth, fire, wood and metal. It is often distinguished by its cordless stem and emerging leaves, which are occasionally shaped into a round canopy plus. It is widely used as an ornamental plant from Asia, especially corporate offices and offices have been propagated as bonsai or even given out as gifts during the Chinese New Year.

In semi-colored areas and in soils, the currency tree thrives as a plant in wetlands and swamps. Set them as you put them in, then rotate them to make them scroll and grow.

Asians have seen the spread of moth orchids or this phalaenopsis orchid due to decoration in business organizations as they are used by entrepreneurs as both an inspiration and a blessing to their small business. The flower contour of the moth orchid, which is supposed to resemble the flying moth, primarily creates its own symbolism of happiness – especially in relation to the properties of the moths as nocturnal monsters that do not stumble at night and do not allow themselves to be frightened when near the light.

Orchids are sufficiently watered to keep their sites moist and can be propagated in orchid potting media, such as the bark of charcoal or trees placed outdoors with light. Its flowers can bloom for one to two (two) weeks and are precious among the most expensive wedding flowers in the tropical nations of Asia.

Peace lilies are excellent and valued not only as a sign of happiness and stability, but also for the direction in which they cleanse the atmosphere of poisons. Peace lilies are best positioned in an area where they can gain exposure and give way to a cauldron of calm lily.

Citrus fruits together with linden trees

Citrus and lime are traditionally considered symbols of health, well-being, wealth and prosperity, also next to the blessed bamboo and currency plants. Decorating a lime or citrus in your home during the Chinese New Year is designed to increase decent wealth, wealth, and proper health for members and the business of loved ones throughout the calendar year. Citrus fruits and limes are grown as bonsai or burned at the entrance of your home or industry to increase the flow of money and success in every effort in their form.

How to choose and use plants as Chinese decor

Plants with leaves that can be grouped in a row, with flowers or smooth-edged or around blades, are considered, along with plant decorations, to be any plant believed to purify the atmosphere. Avoid placing prickly and thorny plants in the front of your home. Indoors or away from the gun – because it is supposed to hurt the positive stream of wealth and success, and also make an effort to prepare plants in pairs to help maintain the total amount of yin and yang in your home.

Think of the plants you may love to maintain your vigor so that you always have an opportunity to keep them clean and healthy. This is exactly what they need to promote the flow of chi.

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