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Smart Modern Laundry Room Design Ideas

Smart Modern Laundry Room Design Ideas

Reconstruction of the laundry room in the basement

Traditionally, both washing machines and machines were set up from the basement. This is just a little like storing garden tools. The thought now would always be to have the laundry room closer to your bedrooms.

This is easier than before as homes are typically wide and there are far more options for fan models that can squeeze into closets along with other rooms.

The big challenge is locating the area where the laundry room is most likely to be placed. You’re remodeling laundry rooms. Some changes may need to be forced into walls.

Full-size washing machines and dishwashers are 5 or 4 inches heavier than cabinets. Remember what happens when you split the wall and what is on the opposite side of the cabinet socket.

Laundry room design layouts

You can look at machines that are streamlined if you have a budget. However, you won’t care about the workload. There are certainly stackable models with capacity. These can continue to work remotely. In one arrangement you would have space and also a sink to put away the laundry room.

If you’re in a closet, you’ll need at least 5 to 6 ″ wall to wall and a 5 foot crystal clear doorway. The inside depth of this cabinet should be 30 ″. An area (even if it’s no bigger than the usual walk-in closet) could be a lot better.

This may give you space to get the ironing board and also a linen closet (or on some shelves). When trimming rooms, pay attention to the thickness of the doorway to make sure the devices will fit through the opening if the space is available.

Both devices in your laundry room have dedicated electrical circuits there. You will find information on voltage and technical data in the manufacturer’s brochures. A gas dryer needs a brand new gas line. The washing machine requires both cold and hot water pipes.

This can be a pretty significant thing depending on where the nearest water pipes are. You may need to open an electrical outlet before you can tap into an existing area, and you may also need holes. Keep in mind that this means choosing an area and trimming laundry rooms.

Let’s not neglect this drain. The washing machine has to tap into a pipe to make sure there is simply no escape. Have you seen a device that didn’t overflow?

This means cutting into a soil. It’s not too much of a chore in a full basement ranch house, but if you’re going to move a drain to the next floor of your apartment, it’s more technical (aka costly).

Run it and a floor plan to grab the water can be a really good idea that is decent and inexpensive. Cabinet vents should move outside, either through the side of the house or through the entire roof. Never port in the attic.

I suggest using quality tubing when remodeling the laundry room on the floor. They are more resilient compared to the tubes and most come with guarantees. They will satisfy you, although they are a little more expensive at first.

Custom laundry room cabinets

You now have a lot more than just a place for the laundry room. For those who have a decent amount of space (at least 8-10), or whether you’re renovating an existing washroom, make an effort to incorporate washroom cabinets.

You’ll make your laundry room simpler, more coordinated, and make your laundry job more accessible (if you follow these guidelines).

Enjoy 7 foot tall cabinets (any counter and you also can’t easily reach the top shelf) on either side of this washer / dryer, along with wall-hung cabinets.

In another of many tall cabinets (along with storage space), you should have a fold-out clothes rail and also a folding table. Add a basket in the tower if there isn’t enough space to stand, and you can add a fold-out ironing board.

There are many techniques for adding this functionality, but you can search Google Workbench Magazine for charts and plans showing how a laundry is built in case you want to see how a facility was built.

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