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Space Saving Cabinets and Storage Ideas

Space Saving Cabinets and Storage Ideas

Space-saving organizational approaches such as a wall newspaper rack or a recessed toilet paper holder in the bathroom make everything appear tidier and easier to care for. This is not the room in your home that can benefit from such systems.

A spice rack can save an incredible amount of space in the kitchen. For your bedroom, a jewelry cabinet can be what you want to tame your favorite products. With many problems, this is an obstacle to brainstorming your room.


To be one of the smallest rooms in your home, this area needs to accommodate a whole host of things. If you want something specific, consider a decorative toilet roll holder with a built-in wall magazine rack. You have seen some of these design components made from off-the-shelf stainless steel in bathrooms. However, they are also available in wood for your own home!

These multifunctional units are available in a variety of configurations to meet your needs.

Even better, many of these types of components are “modular” in that you can customize them to opt for different “modules”. They want your unit and also the order in which the machine shows them!

All of this arrives in almost any finish, or you can arrange them naked and finish the machine. To make them stand out, add a mirrored glass door to the machine or frame it with intricate moldings. A recessed toilet roll holder or wall magazine rack can have a domed shirt to add multiple flavors to the lines in your bathroom.


Small bedrooms present a particular challenge. In many cases there is space to add dressers or a standalone jewelry cabinet to hold small items. A concealed system could be exactly what you are looking for. Outwardly, these regularly resemble a sunken medicine cabinet with a mirror front and decorative wooden frame.

Instead of shelves, the interior of a jewelry cabinet is made up of rods, hooks, and small shelves that are specifically built to carry these delicate items without getting tangled up with them. They can also have a hinge and locking mechanism to make sure they are secure without detracting from the visual appeal of this item.

For earrings, stretch a pretty piece of fabric over an inexpensive decorative blouse. Then slide the earrings through the material, but slide the pad onto the opposite hand and hang it on the jewelry cabinet.


The spices and small bottles are the first situations to get disorganized. It is rare to have enough room for them all, which causes them to spill out onto additional cabinets or even the countertops. You can solve this particular problem with a spice rack in the closet. A cabinet spice rack comes in almost any size and can come in a single or double version.

Add or leave a door opening and just a mirror at the front to showcase your culinary art.

A wall magazine rack, cabinet stand, jewelry cabinet, and recessed toilet roll holder are just a few of these space-saving storage ideas that you can incorporate into your home. The level of stress and the beauty they add to any room will likely ask you how you lived with them.

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